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Getting Your YouTube Video Watched

No matter how good your video is  edited, no one will know about it if you don’t work hard to promote your videos. There are some very simple ways to get people to watch your videos after you work so hard editing your videos with YouTube editor.

When you upload a video you’re given a lot of options, which you can change when you edit it, but let’s go over them.


The title of your video should describe what’s inside the video so that when a viewer clicks on it, they know what they’re getting. If you include keywords, it will make it easier for your audience to find you. A title on YouTube cannot be a pun or misleading without risk of it being removed or banned. Since you don’t want that to happen, make straight forward, keyword rich titles. The easiest way to make a title is to say what’s in the video as the title.

If you have a video that teaches someone how to make a cake, make the title straight forward by making the title say exactly what you’re doing. “Make a Flourless Vegan Chocolate Cake with Me”. You cannot use misleading titles. It seems to be a popular thing to do on a video but it’s not accepted. If YouTube finds out, they’ll disable your video.

For instance, say you ate a lot of food and your tummy is protruding. You want to talk about it in a YouTube video. You can’t show a picture of your swollen belly and state that you’re pregnant only for the viewers to get all excited, click through, and watch. That’s called click bait, and is misleading and can get your video banned.

To add your title, simply click your mouse into the spot shown in this image with the red rectangle around it.adding a title on youtube

Don’t make your titles too long, because even though the systems lets you put in a long title, not all of it will show up and viewers will miss out on some of the words and might be put off by it.


YouTube gives you a lot of space for a description of the video. The reason is that search engines have no idea what’s inside your video, so they have to rely on the text that you put in the description (and title) to index it properly for the audience to find it.

To add a description, it’s part of Basic Info, under the title. You can write whatever you want in the description box. Some suggestions are to put links to other videos of yours, products, social media and your website. Plus, in the description you can put a summary of the video, which will better enable search engines to find it for viewers.descriptions on youtube

Your description can be as long as a short blog post if you want it to. But shoot for about 250 to 350 words to help people know what’s in the video. Don’t worry about actually giving it all away in the description; they’ll still want to watch.


Choosing the wrong category is the kiss of death when it comes to getting people to watch your video. Using tricks or just not understanding your niche can ruin you. Make sure that you know the right category for your video. If you’re not sure, look for other videos like yours and find out what category they used and use that category.

The right category can mean the difference from being seen and not being seen or worse being seen by the wrong people who will not take any type of action since they’re the wrong audience. Thus, you’d be wasting your time and theirs. Not a good thing to do. In the image below notice the advanced settings. Activate that, then look to the right and see the Category setting.

Click the drop down arrow.descriptions on youtube

When you click the arrow, a big menu of different categories will appear. Choose the best category for your subject matter. Every time you upload a video, choose the best category for that particular video even if your channel is overall about something else. You want the category to best represent just this video.licensing


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