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Using Tags When Editing In YouTube

Tags on YouTube need to be related to the subject matter of the video. YouTube will recommend some tags for you. All you need to do is type the tags you want in the space provided. To get the tags that YouTube recommends, just click or drag to the tag area.abouttags on youtube

Tags still matter on YouTube. Realize that if Google is asking for tags, then you should give them the info that they want. That’s how you’ll be found. You can’t have viewers if you just upload the video and forget the tags.

To write good tags, use words that you would use to describe your videos to a friend. Use just a couple of words or one word at a time. For example, take the illustration from earlier about the Flourless Vegan cake. Your tags could be something like: vegan cooking, vegan cake, vegan demo, vegan demonstration, vegetarian cooking, vegetarian cooking demo, flourless chocolate cake, flourless cake, gluten free cake.

See how that works?

Adding these tags, which are really keywords, lets Google know what is in your video so that when your viewers search for certain words, Google (or YouTube) can display your video for viewing. Your viewers will find it when they enter those search terms. It doesn’t matter what order the tags are in. Just give it as many relevant tags as you can. Don’t use any tags that aren’t appropriate. Tricking people with erroneous information never works. All you do is make people disappointed.


You want to give the right type of license so that the video can be played openly on YouTube. You can choose from creative commons attribution or standard YouTube license. Choose creative commons only if you want to let people use your content freely to build upon and remix without any sort of copyright infringement issues.

Choose the standard license to always maintain control of your video and its use but use the creative commons choice if you want people to use your work elsewhere. It really depends on your niche and what your goal is when you post your YouTube videos.licensing for youtube

The type of licensing you choose doesn’t affect your ability to earn money with views if you are approved and verified for monetization.

Privacy Options

In order to set your privacy options go to your video editor, to basic information, and then look next to the title – there is a drop down menu that give you the following three options:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Unlisted
privacyoptionsa with youtube

You can use these options to your advantage. For example, public, of course, means that anyone can see your videos. Private means that only people you send the link to can see the videos. This is great if you have a private mastermind group or other private group. What’s really neat is that you can add people to your circles from Google Plus, names from their Gmail, or any email address. Unlisted just means that while your video is available to view it’s not being indexed.


A really great option is that you can promote your video. You have to be signed up for Google Adwords in order to participate. But, you can set a daily budget, to let people see your video. When you’re a new channel you shouldn’t bother with this feature. Wait until you have a good number of videos before you bother promoting any of them.

You can find promotions here:promotions on youtube

If you only have one video, it’s really not going to help you earn a good return on investment like having 50 or more videos will when you promote one. Because one video being promoted means they’ll actually end up on your channel and if it’s empty it will be a disappointment.

With YouTube editor you can do a lot of things to your videos that otherwise would have to be accomplished with an expensive editor like Photoshop. Plus, it’s easier to understand and use than some of the professional versions of video editing software because it’s created for people who are not professional editors.

If you want to improve your videos, make them more engaging and get more views, consider trying to use some of the features in YouTube Editor. Simple changes can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to experiment because you can always delete it and start over. Just be sure to save the original first.



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