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8 Advanced Video Marketing Strategies 2

 Video Marketing Strategies

No matter which social media network or websites you visit, it’s clear that video is taking a more dominant role. There is a good reason for this. Video is popular today because it is effective. People are much more likely to watch a video, share a video, engage with video, and act on a video than any other kind of marketing. In fact, video accounts for almost 70 percent of all Internet traffic.

Strategy #2  Ensure Your SEO is Complete

If you really want to be successful with video marketing it’s imperative that your SEO is complete. Search engine optimization is arguably more important than paid promotions. However, paid promotions are a great way to jumpstart your video marketing. SEO involves both on and off page efforts.

For example, “on page” SEO for a video would include ensuring that you write a keyword rich description for the video. “Off page” SEO would include sharing that video with an informative blurb to introduce it. Let’s talk about some things you can do to improve the SEO on each video that you publish. No matter where it’s published, remember that you need to fill out as much information as you can about the video.

Search engine optimization has a lot of moving parts to consider.web-video-marketing strategies

  • Group Videos Together with Links – When you have a lot of videos, start organizing them with a good linking strategy. Link to your videos in the description box, under each video that mentions them, using annotations, and in an orderly fashion on your blog or website.
  • Use Interactive Video Elements – Linking annotations is a great way to link to other videos that you mention or that are relevant to the video your audience is viewing. If you do that, you can keep a viewer interested for a longer amount of time.
  • Metadata – All the text information that accompanies your video is called “metadata” that includes descriptions, transcriptions, keywords, tags, and so forth. Ensure that all this information is complete so that the search engines can find your video better, and so that your audience can find you.
  • Video Hosting – Most people host their videos on YouTube.com, which is a good choice because it has a built-in audience. If you want to build an audience, adding a collection of your videos to YouTube is a great idea. However, you can also host videos in other spots like your website, and even on Facebook.
  • Video Sitemap – Creating a video sitemap is essential to helping search engines and your target audience find your site. Video sitemaps make it clear to Google what and where your content is. It also gives you more chances to provide details, choose a thumbnail and more. Include the title, description, play page, thumbnail page, video location and as many details as you can.
  • Sharing – Anytime you share your video whether it’s on Google Plus or Facebook (or all of the above) you are contributing to great SEO because that provides links back to your video. To get more impact from sharing, ask your friends to share as well.

These tips will help you get more views, make more conversions, and make the most of free traffic to your videos.

Strategy #3  Market Your Videos on Facebook

You can market your videos for free on Facebook. Facebook is an important social media network, and one that you need to incorporate in your video marketing strategy. Facebook, according to Statista.com has over 1.49 billion active monthly users. That’s a huge community, which can be incorporated into your video marketing efforts.marketing-video-tour strategies

  • Pin Your Videos – After uploading the video, post and pin it at the top of your Facebook page so that it’s the first thing people see when they visit.
  • Create Featured Videos – Featured videos will be shown to your audience faster and more often than just a regular post with a video. You can upload your videos to Facebook, or you can link to them from YouTube.
  • Create Targeted Video Content – The best thing you can do for your promotions is to create awesome and targeted content that works for your specific Facebook audience. Each audience on various networks is slightly different. People on FB don’t like extra promotional videos and prefer humor. People on LinkedIn like more educational videos.
  • Use Facebook Power Editor – The FB power editor is awesome because you can preschedule your videos, and even make it so that they “expire” and only show for a specific amount of time. You can make a featured video and playlist.
  • Entertain – The more entertaining your video the more your Facebook audience will like it. Facebook is a place to be entertained and pass time. Very serious videos may not be viewed as often as funny videos.
  • Make More Videos – Put more short videos on Facebook than you put on YouTube or elsewhere. Add exclusive, for Facebook only, videos to delight your FB audience. Lead them to your email list and your other videos on your website and YouTube.com.
  • Consistency Rules – The more consistent you are about adding new videos, the more your audience will look forward to seeing the video. The more anticipation you build the greater the level of engagement you’ll get. Consider putting up a video on a particular day each week.

Facebook has more active users at any given time than any other social media network. People on FB do not like overly promotional videos, a lot of advertisements, or “salesy” information. So, make sure you keep that in mind.


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