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8 Advanced Video Marketing Strategies 3

 Video Marketing Strategies

No matter which social media network or websites you visit, it’s clear that video is taking a more dominant role. There is a good reason for this. Video is popular today because it is effective. People are much more likely to watch a video, share a video, engage with video, and act on a video than any other kind of marketing. In fact, video accounts for almost 70 percent of all Internet traffic.

Strategy #4  Promote Across Channels

This idea has been mentioned a little. But, let’s be super clear. Cross promotion of your videos is important to get the most views, the most engagement, and the most responses to your calls to action.

When you create a YouTube video or add a video anywhere, you should always share it, or at least portions of it, on other networks like Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Email, and LinkedIn.com if appropriate. It is important when cross promoting that you don’t always post the same version of each video to all places. Instead, try to personalize each video a little for each placement. Change the thumbnail, the title, or use just a clip. Then link to the main video from there so people can see more.ipad01 video

For example, if you have a product or service to promote, you can create a video about it.

  • Email an announcement about the video and invite your audience to view it.
  • Create a clip from the video and put it in Vine.com.
  • Upload the video to FB and promote the post.
  • Create a blog post about the video and embed it there after uploading it to YouTube.com.
  • Create a hashtag with the subject of the video, and post it to Twitter.

As long as your message is consistent, you can promote each video you create in these ways. But, you may want to make more than one version of the video so that when you cross promote on other channels it doesn’t feel like a repeat to the audience that has joined you on other social networks.

You want to give your audience a choice of where to digest your content. Then you want to make a plan for each of those networks. While they’re interconnected, you want them to also work autonomously. Focus on the one or two that gives you the best results and then just stay active on the others. Pay attention to the engagement you receive and focus more time on the network that gives you the best results.

Learn all you can about each social network so that you can use each to its best advantage.

Strategy #5  Act like a PR Rep

This strategy means that you need to think a little differently. You likely think a lot like a business owner right now, which is fine, but you need to think like a public relations person. A PR person always thinks about how every action and activity looks to the audience. They are always trying to spin everything their clients do for the best. They even sensationalize things in order to get more eyes on their client.video marketing-tauranga

You can do all this without the big PR bill.

  • Press Releases – Send out press releases, if you make an especially poignant, touching, or effective video that is a good news story. Today, electronic press releases can include your video. It’s important to send only a short 3 minutes or less video with these types of press releases. If you send out an old fashioned press release, you can include the link to your video instead of embedding it.
  • Be Controversial – This is always risky, but if you can survey your audience first, being controversial can be a good way to get more attention on your videos. Your audience and niche will give you a clue about how controversial you can be. However, it’s a good tactic, which PR reps often use, to get more views.
  • Use Current Events – Tie in a current event with your videos. You may want to drop a name or tell a current story about your business. Then you can grab some views based on the relationship with what’s trending today. You’ll notice this trend if you watch the news. Everyone’s always talking about the same thing. For good reason, it works.
  • Make it Meaningful – Practicing judicious editing is the best thing you can do for your video marketing efforts. Creating a video that is meaningful and doesn’t include extra information or fluff makes the best use of your audience’s limited time and patience. Plus, if you can tie it to something your audience really cares about, such as a charity or cause, so much the better.
  • Be the Expert – If you can generate the feeling in your audience that you’re the expert to watch, and then they’re going to be more likely to devour every video you create. Simply creating confident videos often can help establish your expertise.
  • Convert – Don’t lose out on the opportunity to convert on every single video you make whether it’s for your audience to buy what you’re selling, to join your email newsletter, to watch other videos. Always give them something to do next that leads them through your funnel so that eventually they make a purchase.

PR reps leave no stone unturned to get attention for their clients. You should and can do the same thing for yourself. Look at every single moment to find out how you can squeeze all the views out from your target audience.tr

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