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8 Advanced Video Marketing Strategies 4

 Video Marketing Strategies

No matter which social media network or websites you visit, it’s clear that video is taking a more dominant role. There is a good reason for this. Video is popular today because it is effective. People are much more likely to watch a video, share a video, engage with video, and act on a video than any other kind of marketing. In fact, video accounts for almost 70 percent of all Internet traffic.

Strategy #6  Collaborate with Others

The best thing you can do to market yourself and your videos is to work with others, and encourage engagement from other people. The more you encourage people to work with you, and become your fans, the more you’ll get promotion from them. People love sharing videos that they like, and they love it even more when they know you like it.video-marketing_strategy

  • Joint Ventures — Find people who market to your audience, but who are not direct competition. They market complementary items as yours to the same audience, and are open to working with you to help them and you double your audiences. Most joint ventures are short term, but some are also long term.
  • Contests – A contest is an interesting type of collaboration. The contest gets shares because your audience is encouraged to share due to the contest. Incentivize them to share by giving them extra entries and more chances to win.
  • User Generated Videos – Ask for video responses to your videos. Then, when they post them to your channel, and mention your channel in their video you can get even more traffic. Ask for video testimonials from your customers. Ask them to do a video demonstrating how they used your product, service, coaching to achieve their goals.
  • Allow Embedding of Your Videos – On YouTube.com you can allow people to get the code to embed your videos in their websites and blogs. Open up and allow people to do this. You will still get the views, people will click through in order to make a comment, and you’ll get your message out to more people.
  • Host a Joint Google Hangout – If you know others within your field who market complementary things to your audience, have a Google Hangout round table, record it, and then you can publish it, they can publish it, and you’ll get a larger audience by attracting their audience.

Working with others will increase your audience and it will be more interesting since there is interaction between you and others. In turn, that will make your videos much more interesting. You may learn new things from your collaborations. The experience can also lead to new opportunities, inspire you to greater heights, and help you find more customers.video-seo-tips-and-tricks-tim-sabre

Strategy #7  Pay for Promotion

When you know that you have these other factors set, you can now focus more on promotions. One way to do that is to pay for promotions. If you want to get more attention faster the very best way to do is to pay for promotion. The reason why paying for promotion works is that you don’t have to already have an email list, a social media following, or any joint venture partners or anything to get started. You simply need a great video and a good message.

Some of the more effective means of paid promotion follow.

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