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YouTube Video Ads

There are two ways to promote your videos on YouTube. One way is to connect your YouTube.com account with your AdWords account. The other is to use YouTube’s direct promotion method. We’ll go over both. When you promote a video people will see your video as a recommended choice based off what they are already watching. That way when people watch videos like yours they’ll see yours as a recommended choice.

You do that by selecting which video you want to promote and then the keywords you want to rank with. The great thing is that you only pay when someone clicks through to your video and you can set the same type of budget you do for other AdWords Ads.

Tip: Use overlays, which are clickable text boxes on top of the video right on your promoted video, as it will help get people to your website. The red box shows what a promoted YouTube video looks like and shows up as on the right.googlesearchresults

You can also promote your video the following way:

Go to the video manager, and your dashboard. Find the video you want to promote and click edit.promotedyoutube

Then click Promote. You’ll go to a window that welcomes you to promote your video. Then click “promote your video”.promote your video YT

Now you need to choose all your options.

Choose your budget and your audience on the left, and where you want your ad to be displayed over on the right. The best choice is to choose in-stream ads. This will enable your audience to see your videos as a suggestion if they watch a similar video or another of your videos.budgetdaily2

Notice that when you pick your daily budget you’ll notice the numbers in the upper right change. If you see a < sign, then you may not be bidding enough.budgetdaily2

Notice when you change this bid from 1.00 a day to 10.00 a day, the number of estimated views goes up. Make sure you bid enough to get views, just keep putting in a higher number until you get a positive result.

Youtube.com will not go over your budget and will stick to the criteria you choose. Therefore pay attention to the estimations they give you if you want your promotion to be successful.

The following choices after setting your budget involve choosing the thumbnail that people will see, writing a headline and a description line. Then you’ll be promoted to sign into your AdWord’s account. After you do that, simply follow the prompts.

Yahoo! Bing

Just like you can use AdWords to promote your videos right on YouTube, you can also use Yahoo! Bing to promote your videos elsewhere. What’s great is that you can actually import your Google ads right to Bing so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Once it’s imported you’ll need to adjust a few things to make it work better for Bing since the audience and bidding is a little different.

In the set destination URL you can send the viewer right to your video on YouTube.com. Your ads will appear across all Bing and Yahoo! owned networks, their syndicated partner sites, and more. There is good reason to use Yahoo! Bing to help promote your video if your audience uses and frequents Yahoo! and Bing owned properties. Plus, there is not a minimum amount and you have full control over your budget.

The search results look a little different so that’s why you should optimize each video for the place you promote it.yahoobingads

Using Yahoo! Bing ads will help you get more views from your audience if they use Yahoo! Bing networks which are likely. Don’t turn your nose up to Bing; Google isn’t the only game in town.

Facebook Ads

One of the most exciting ways to promote your videos is Facebook. First, you’ll need to have a business page created, and then you’ll need to upload the videos by clicking “videos” on the menu area.facebookaddingvideos

Click Add Video:uploading video to FB

Wait for video to process. Facebook will let you know when it’s uploaded. You can now edit the description, and even feature this video. You can also promote the post with the video. Once the video is posted, you can now look at it on the timeline and “boost” the post if you want to.boost post FB

hen you click boost post you’ll be given a lot of choices. Just follow through and narrow down each thing as much as possible.boostpostdemographics

Choose your audience, develop a budget, choose how many days you want to boost the post and choose how you’ll pay for the advertisement. Then click “boost’ again. When it’s approved then the promotion will start on the date you chose.organicvspaidpost

You can look at the results by clicking “insights” to look at how well you reached your audience.

You can also run other types of ads on your Facebook Page. Just click create ads.createmanageads

Then you can run a number of types of ads.

Chose the type of you want to run and follow the prompts. Remember to narrow down your audience, limit your budget, and have a clear call to action. If you want to place and ad directly for your YouTube.com video you can use “clicks to website” then paste the URL for your video directly.

As you see, paying for promotion is an effective and worthwhile strategy. Next we’ll discuss search engine optimization.

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