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How to use Facebook Groups

Although most online groups have commonalities, each social network’s group structure is distinct.  Here’s how to join, participate in or create a group within Facebook.

Steps To Find Your Group In The Maze Of Groups

Step 1.  Deciding on the Fit

When you first search for a Facebook group, pay particular attention to the fit.  Once you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be well versed in the subject – but keep in mind that many of the people creating groups on Facebook won’t be!  What many of them seem to be trying to do is simply group various friends into separate lists.

So when you are checking out your group search results, pay attention to the descriptions.  These will clue you in to not only what specific type of group it is, but also whether or not this is a genuine, active group… or some poor soul attempting to segment friends.


As you have just seen, although you entered the search term “group”, you are not always returned results containing actual Facebook groups.  Sometimes “group” is simply part of a company name or designates services.

To make doubly sure you are looking at actual Facebook groups, slide your eyes over to your left-hand, vertical menu and click on “Groups”.


You’ll instantly see “Join Group” buttons.

 The Difference between “Open” and “Closed” Groups —  You’ll also see that some groups are “open” and some are “closed”.

If a group is open, anyone can join.

If it is closed, it’s a private group and members have to be added or invited.

And then there are “secret” groups, which don’t even show up in search results.

Step 2. Create Your Own Group

Creating a group couldn’t be any more easy.

  1. Go to your left-hand, vertical menu and, under “Groups”, click on “Create Group”.


2. Fill in your group information:

  • The name of your group
  • Who you want to include (Facebook will auto-suggest friends as you begin typing)
  • Your privacy setting:
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Secret


Remember to pick a descriptive name that includes keywords potential members will most likely search by.

  1. Next, choose an icon for your group.  An icon gives people an instant clue as to your group’s general subject.  (You may skip this step if you wish.)


  1. You’ll be prompted to write your “Welcome” message or chat with group members privately (one of the best functions of Facebook Groups.)


5.  You can chat with as many or as few members simultaneously as you wish.  And there’s an option to “Select all”, to save you having to click each radio box separately.


  1. When not in chat mode, you and other members of your group will be able to make posts, which (if the group is closed or secret) only you and your group will see.  You can discuss a subject, ask questions – and all members should welcome new members to the group, when you introduce them.

8-FB-welcome in groups

Facebook Groups Summary

We covered selecting a group, but you want to pay particular attention to the description or you may end up in a group you don’t want to be associated with.  You could choose to create your own group thus being assured it is what you want. We will continue with groups in our next post.

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