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Podcasting with Google+ Hangout 2

Google+ Hangout On Air Features

GHOA has a lot of features that you may not be aware of. By using the right apps and features you can control many aspects of the live event, giving your audience the experience you desire. Plus, by controlling these aspects of the live event, you create a different feel for the recorded event.

•    Embed – Show your GHOA right on your website with the embed feature. Just paste some code provided for you into your website in a blog post or elsewhere, and your audience can go to your webpage instead of Google to view and participate in your event.

•    Cameraman App – This app lets you control, live, who is shown and who is not shown during the Hangout. So, you can choose to show only those who are talking, and hide those who aren’t during the live event.

    Q&A App – Do you want to answer questions during the live event? This is a great way to do it. When it’s turned on, the host can answer and mark questions as answered and even as SPAM if they are spam. This also allows viewers who are watching the recording to jump to the answers of the questions later. This app must be enabled prior to broadcast.

•    Control Room App – This gives you as the host even more control over who takes part in your event. You can also give other people control so that they can show a slide show or control the event instead of you. It can be helpful to have someone else worrying about the technical aspects while you worry about hosting.

•    Showcase App – This feature allows you to share items with your audience while broadcasting live. They can then look at them without interrupting their viewing of your GHOA. What’s more, those who are watching the recording can also view the products and other content.

•    YouTube Live – Activate the Live feature of your YouTube account and you will be able to stream your event live right to YouTube, which will record it automatically too. This feature is available to anyone with a YouTube account that is in good standing.

Learning and using all the features and apps provided for GHOA will help you get the most out of the experience. Learn everything you can about each feature. Google has great guides and tutorials to help you learn everything you need to learn. Sometimes they are hard to track down, but they do exist.

How to Get Set Up for Your First Google+ Hangout On Air3_gmail hangout sign in

The first thing you need to set up a Google Hangout is to have a Google account. This can be a Gmail account, a Google Apps for Business, or a Google Apps for Education account with an activated Google+ Profile. With any of these types of Google accounts you can organize, run and manage a Google Hangout.

You can start a Google Hangout right from your Gmail account or your Google+ profile. Let’s go through the steps for each one.

To Start from Your Gmail Account

Click on the Hangouts icon in the lower left corner of the Gmail.com window.4_google plus hangout sign in

To Start from Your Google+ Profile

Click on the Hangouts icon in the upper right hand corner of the Google+ window.

The first time you set up a Google Hangout you may need to download a plugin. From the sign-in area, you can choose to start a new Hangout, or click one that already exists. Before starting a Hangout, go in and fix the settings to be friendlier for live on-air activities. Click “Settings” which looks like a gear. Look at the different options under Notifications, Hangout History, Archive, and notice you can also leave. When you change a setting, be sure to click “Save”.

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