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The New Fiverr – How to Profit From Your Services

A lot of people still have the idea that everything on Fiverr.com is only five bucks. But, the truth is that is only the base price. It is true, when Fiverr first started everything was only five bucks, then they started testing with some prolific sellers with ways to make gigs better with upselling and gig add-ons.

This benefited sellers, buyers and Fiverr. Sellers, due to being able to make more money, buyers due to having more choices and Fiverr, due to the additional revenue it brought to the company.

Some service providers are turned off by the very idea of Fiverr. They think that they won’t make enough money, or that people who will hire them via Fiverr, are undervaluing their services.fiverr 01

However, if you plan strategically, you can use Fiverr to build an amazingly profitable service based business. It starts with building your product funnel, starting with a basic five dollar offer and then culminates with adding on valuable extras to make your gig even better and more profitable.

All Fiverr gigs start with the “Regular Gig” which has a base price of Five Dollars. In order to make the right type of base gig, ensure it’s something your audience needs and wants and that you can do it quickly, in no more than five to 10 minutes and that you can do multiples of the offer in an hour without a problem.

How Much You Can Earn with Fiverr

When you first heard about Fiverr you may have felt offended. But, in reality you should be excited. People are earning a lot of money on Fiverr. You can check for yourself to see how much people are earning by simply looking at some of the High Rating and top selling gigs.

The minimum amount that someone is making is 4 dollars per gig, but if they have add-ons they are likely making much more. So anything you figure out is likely just a guess, but some people are making as much as $10,000 a week with the right Fiverr gig.

Between normal gigs, gig extras and custom offers you can boost your income above that 4 dollars per gig.

For example, if you offer business writing, you can offer 100 – 200 words per 5 bucks (of which Fiverr takes a buck) within 14 days with zero edits for the regular gig, then you can add gig extras of 24 hour turn around for an additional price, a Getty Image for an additional 10 dollars of which you will earn about 25 percent, and so forth. Everything you offer as an add-on will give you an opportunity to earn more.

So let’s say someone orders a 600 word article from you at 5 dollars per 200 words – that would be 15 dollars. Then they add on 72 hour delivery for 5 bucks, now you’re up to 20 dollars. Offer a proper Tweetable quote to the article for another 5 bucks and now we’re at 25 dollars.fiverr-1

If you can do ten 600 word articles a day, you’ll earn $250 a day before Fiverr charges of about 50 bucks, which brings you to 200 dollars a day. If you work five days a week you’ll earn about 1000 dollars a week from home working via Fiverr.

You can make more or less depending on the type of gig you are offering. There are people making a lot of money on Fiverr and people who aren’t making anything.

It all depends on how you present your gigs, the extras you offer and how well you target your audience. As you become higher rated you will notice that other features are added that help you make more of your business, too.


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