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Tips To Increase Your Success on Fiverr

You cips an be a successful Fiverr seller if you plan everything correctly. Seek to solve problems and add value for your customers. When you create the initial gig, think of how you can make it better and put those factors as gig “extras” so that you can increase the price point of each order in a way that adds value to your customers.

  • Create The Right Gig – You’ll need to truly understand who your customer is, so that you can solve a small problem for them that take only five or ten minutes to do, as the base gig. In addition, try to do something that you can scale up by adding extra services and add-ons to the gig to up the gig’s profitability. It may help to draw out a product funnel so you can see how it will come together.
  • Create a Schedule of Operations – It’s very important to design a way of doing your work that is logical and streamlined. Determine what time of day you’ll be able to work on your gigs and set up a way to do the work in a seamless manner so you can get everything done on time in a professional manner. Remember, repeat buyers are essential to your success.
  • Be Transparent – If you’re a graphic designer, don’t use someone else’s images to market your work. Use your own images so that people see what you have to offer. If you’re offering something other than graphic design, hire someone to make a unique image for your gig and show examples of your work that show what you can do in a true way.How-I-did-it-ebook- on fiverr
  • Maintain Good Relationships – Always be polite and respectful to everyone on Fiverr. The better customer service you provide, the more the people you do business with will want to work with you and the more they’ll recommend you to others. Building relationships is always the best way to increase business.
  • Promote Your Gig – Just putting up a gig, no matter how great it is, will not guarantee success. But, spending time promoting your gig will help you become profitable. You can promote your gigs on social media, via your blog, and also by advertising. One way to do this is to create duplicates of the same gig, changing it only slightly. That way when someone searches for say “video editing” they see several gigs from you regarding video editing.
  • Use Gig Extras Judiciously — It’s important that the gig extras you create will appeal to the buyers of the original five dollar gig. You want to make it a no-brainer to upgrade to the higher priced order. For example, adding a transparent background for any image, or offering to wear a custom outfit for a talking head video and so forth.
  • Make Custom Offers – Often, first time buyers will ask a question before they choose to buy one of your gigs. Using their question, why not create a custom offering for them. When you create a custom offer you can price it how you need to and make it fit with what they need. This is a good way to communicate with these customers.
  • Respond Quickly – Even if your order turnaround time is at 14 days, if you can answer new orders as soon as possible by asking a question to clarify what they want, or another response is an important way to establish a connection with the customer.
  • Share Your Gigs With Everyone – When you create a new gig, you can share it on social media, blog about it, and get attention to it. It will help your gig get more views. The more views you get on your gigs, the more sales you’ll make.fiverr seller-success-for-beginners
  • Under Promise & Over Deliver – Always give a little bit more than you said you would to everyone who orders. Don’t be late, and be very clear in your descriptions so that you will avoid canceled orders due to someone misconstruing what you’ve offered. The fewer negative factors you have on your account the better.
  • Get Ratings – The more you can encourage people who buy from you to rate you, the better your ranking will be on Fiverr. Keep your ratings high as possible by not having to cancel orders, asking your buyers for ratings, and asking friends and family to help.

By focusing on what you can do to make the experience better and more valuable to your customers you’ll soon have a profitable Fiverr, service based business. The new Fiverr offers many opportunities to make more money and be even more successful than you thought ever possible on Fiverr.

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