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A Reference To YouTube’s Publishing Features

Sharing your videos online with others is a lot of fun. Regardless of what you’re sharing; whether they are funny family videos, business tips or the next viral production, one of the best way to share them is through YouTube. While it’s a fairly simple process, uploading videos to YouTube can seem intimidating to beginners, especially when trying to use all the publishing features available.

YouTube has a whole host of basic and advanced features that allow you to improve your videos before you publish. You can add titles and descriptions to your videos; add tags, music clips and edit your videos.

This desktop reference guide provides a walkthrough of YouTube’s publishing features and how to use them.1-logo of youtube

Getting Started

While you probably already know how to upload a video; here’s a quick overview of how to do it if you need a refresher:

Begin by creating an account or logging in to your YouTube account.

At the top of the page and to the left of your username you’ll see an “Upload” button. Click that to be taken to the upload page.

On this page you have a few options. You can upload a video by clicking on the Select files to upload link. Or you can choose to create videos from a webcam capture, photo slideshow, Google+ Hangouts on Air, or use the video editor to edit a video you’ve previously uploaded.

Once the video begins loading, you are ready to choose the features you want with your video. The very basics are (1) a title, (2) a description and (3) tags. You’ll also want to choose your privacy settings at this time.2-descriptions on youtube

YouTube allows you to add your video on a playlist and choose a custom thumbnail to be shown when someone is searching for your tags. There is an option for posting to Google+ or Twitter as well.

You can edit both the basic and advanced settings on the video before you publish. Once published, you can go to the video manager in your account to make changes. Make your changes then click the Publish button to finish uploading it to YouTube. You also have the option to publish your video at a later time in the video manager area of your account.

If you don’t click Publish, your video won’t be viewable to others.

YouTube sends you an email to notify you when your video is finished uploading and processed. It’s ready to share.

Getting started with videos begins with uploading and setting the basic features. It can seem intimidating at first, but is really a simple process. Next we’ll go into detail on setting the basic and advanced features.

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