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YouTube Tags

The tags are the descriptive keywords that help people find your video content. Tags often are the keywords relevant to your video.

How to add tags:

While your video is uploading, the tags box will be located under the title and description areas. You can enter your tags now.5-tags on youtube

YouTube will suggest tags as you type. Click on them to add them to your Tags list. Use as many suggested tags that are relevant since these are from experienced YouTube users.

For example, if you type in Photo, you might get these suggestions:6-suggested on youtube

To add tags to an existing video, go into the video manager of your account and click on the Edit button under the video you want to add tags

  • The order in which you put your tags isn’t important.
  • Keep your tags relevant to your video. For example if your video portrays you cooking with Rachael Ray at a charity event, use the tags “cooking”, “Rachael Ray” and “charity” since they are all relevant to your video content.
  • Keep the number to around 10 to 15 tags. It’s not the amount of tags but the right kinds of tags that count.
  • Look what other related videos are using for their tags. Don’t steal theirs, but use them to get inspiration.

Advanced Settings:

Under the advanced settings you can set your comments preferences, choose a category for your video, and set up your license and rights ownership.7-advanced youtube features

Setting up the basic settings for your video helps it get discovered. Using the right title, description and relevant tags are necessary for your video to be found by those searching for your topic.

Special Features

YouTube’s special features allow you create captions and subtitles, add music clips and annotations to help you increase the time viewers spend watching your videos, as a way to attract more subscribers and  as a way drive more traffic to your website.

The Video Editor

The video editor is located in your video manager dashboard. The video manager is where the tools and features are located to help you keep your videos organized and to make changes to your videos.

To access the video manager,

  1. Click on your picture icon in YouTube (once you’ve logged in).
  2. Click on the Creator Studio link.8-creator studio on youtube

From the Creator Studio, access the video editor.

  1. Click on the Video Manager arrow.
  2. Your uploaded videos appear here. Click on the edit arrow next to the video you want to edit.9-manager on youtube
  1. The editing options appear from the drop down box. Click on the type of editing you want to use.10-edit in youtube
  2. This opens your video in a split screen so you can see what your changes will look or sound like.11-tools for youtube

In the Info and Settings tab, you have the option to change your basic settings like tile, description and tags as well as choose which thumbnail to be shown.

In the Enhancements tab, the options to edit include quick fixes, change the saturation, contrast and color temperature. You can also trim the video. Add filters or special effects.

Under the Audio Tab, you can add background music to your video.

The Annotations tab lets you layer text, links, and hotspots over your video.

The Subtitles and Captioning lets you add captions or subtitles for those who speak a different language or for some other reason need to see the words.

Accessing and editing your videos through the video manager lets you add special details to your videos and enhance them in a way to get your viewer’s attention.

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