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Facebook Live Guide To Growing Your Subscribers 2

The Top Strategies to Use On Facebook

When using Facebook Live, there are some strategies that can help you make the most of the opportunity. If you want more subscribers and buyers for your products or services, follow this advice and you’ll be a winner.

  • Be Transparent – One of the most important things in business today is transparency. Transparency is much more than just a buzzword. Because there is so much corruption in business, it makes it all the more important for your business to be open to your audience to show them everything about you. This helps build trust, which will create more buyers.
  • Give them the VIP Experience — Let your audience see an insider’s view of what helps you achieve success. When you do, it makes them feel important and special. This leads them to like and trust you. When your audience trusts you, they buy more from you.
  • Be Available – When you use Facebook Live to answer questions from your audience, you seem more available to your audience as opposed to text-based answers. This is a great way to look your customers in the eye and show them that you’re there for them.
  • Stay Positive – When you conduct live events sometimes things go wrong. Technology doesn’t always work as advertised and mistakes happen. You’re going to trip over your words; you’re going to sneeze at the wrong time. That’s okay, just stay positive and you’ll connect with your audience in a good way.Like Button on facebook
  • Ask Questions – You know, as the expert, you’ll be answering questions from your audience, but you should also use the opportunity to ask questions. The more questions you ask, the more involved your audience will feel in your business. This will make them more invested in your success.
  • Validate Customers – A good use of Facebook Live is to call out some of your best customers when appropriate. Tell them live “thank you” so that others hear about them. This is a great way to validate your customers and spread good will.
  • Network – Believe it or not, using Facebook Live is also a good way to network. As your recorded live event is shared, people will feel as if they know you more. Open up your wall to followers so that the public can watch your events, and you’ll get even more people converted to sign up for your list.
  • Collaborate – Use Facebook Live to host events with others. Team up with complementary businesses to promote each other via your live events. You can set up a private Facebook group, and do live events to work on any project that you want.

Using Facebook Live for your business, to improve your reputation, to get the word out about your products and or services is a good choice. You’ll expand your reach fast without having to send your audience to a new platform without having to learn a lot of new technology. Facebook Live is easy to use so anyone can do it.

Top Tools & Software to Use

Since Facebook Live is relatively new, there aren’t that many programs and tools yet that are made just for Facebook Live. But, there are some tools and software that you’ll want to know about to help you make the most of your Facebook Live experience.

  • Mentions app – If you’re a verified public figure, you can use the mentions app, which you can download on your Apple or Android device. This app enables you to share with others easily your live video across networks.
  • Livestream – You can install Facebook Livestream on any page that you own on Facebook. You’ll need to know your sign on information to connect the pages to the software. Once you install it, then you can use it on that page. If you have more than one page, you’ll have to reinstall it for each page.
  • Microphone & Sound – Most people use their iPhones or Android phones to capture the video used for Facebook Live. You can put your phone on a tripod, and use a special lapel mic to help the sound work better.kh-facebook-live-features-560
  • Lighting – One of the most important aspects of your video outside of sound is the lighting. The lighting will make a huge difference. You can get numerous types of lighting options on Amazon that can help. The type of video you’re making will determine which apps are best for you.
  • Editing – To edit your video after the fact, you can bring it into any type of editing software that works on video such as Camtasia or other video editors. Editing a video after the live event is a great way to reuse it later with a call to action added to make it more effective.

Using some of these tools will help make your Facebook Live events more effective. After all, the point of doing a live event in the first place is to get more subscribers and more sales. You’re going to get more if you make it easy by having a call to action, by telling people during the video to subscribe or act in some way. These tools will make it all so much easier.

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