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Successful Facebook Marketing Stories

There are many people using Facebook Live to improve their brand, expand awareness, and get more subscribers. Some people have managed to use Facebook Live and Facebook marketing to build their entire business the way that they want it. Look at some of the people using Facebook Live and making an impact.

  • Chewbacca Mom – Recently, a mom decided to put on a Chewbacca mask and livestream it to Facebook. She got over 95 million views. While this might not be relevant to your business, it could be relevant to someone’s business. It can be a good idea to do something that catches your audience off guard to help you get more views.
  • Chris Cox Facebook Live – This is an announcement using Facebook Live stream video in order to bring people along with you on the journey. You can share your family info, business info and more. This is a good overview of how people can use it to take people behind the scenes.
  • Ester the Wonder Pig – This is an interesting use of Facebook Live, which follows Ester the pig through her life and how this household lives with a 700-pound pig in their house. It’s very interesting and they’re making the most out of it along with their love of the Ester. Due to Facebook Live, they were able to raise the money to buy a farm so they could keep Ester.Evernote_Premium for facebook
  • Liz Cook Tattoos – Liz records her work on her customers using Facebook Live. This is a great way to get the word out about your services and provide info about what happens behind-the-scenes. This can be repeated by almost any type of visually related business.
  • Genevieve Morton – She’s a model who decided to take people behind the scenes to see how a model shoot looks and goes using Facebook Live. She’s increased her followers, engagement, and more all through using Facebook Live.
  • Kimra Luna – She’s a sassy public figure in the branding and social media marketing world that has really made a name for herself using Facebook groups and Facebook Live to expand her market. Known for her striking blue hair, and straightforward style, you can learn a lot about using social media including Facebook to be successful.
  • Robert Reich – He’s a polarizing political figure and financial expert who boils down information into easy to understand bites using Facebook Live and other types of video to get his information out there. You can learn a lot about watching him when he does a live event.facebook live
  • Brendon Burchard – Author of The Motivation Manifesto, he’s a writer, and speaker and trainer who is killing it right now using Facebook Live. Watch some of his videos, they’re recorded and saved on Facebook, and sign up to be reminded of his live events so you can experience it from an expert.
  • Social Media Examiner – These are the real experts when it comes to social media use for business. That’s the truth when it comes to using Facebook Live as well. They’ve combined Blab with Facebook Live too. You can learn a lot watching them.
  • Pig Minds Brewing Company – This is a bar, brewery that uses Live to show sales, events, and more at the last minute. They don’t plan the events in advance but they use them to get the attention of their audience and invite them on down to their bar for some fun and refreshment.

These pages will give you some good examples of what different types of businesses and people are doing with Facebook Live. You can translate Facebook Live to almost any type of business if you give it some thought.


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