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How to Determine Your Ideal Client & Choose Your Social Media Services

The great thing about a profitable content and social media management business is that you can choose your clients. You can work with just one type of client and still create a profitable business. In addition, you can choose to do just one aspect of content and social media management or you can choose to do either content management or social media management. The sky is the limit.

The first thing you need to choose is which clients you want to work with, then based on who you want to work with and your skills (or the skills of those you’ll outsource to) and resources you’ll match their needs with your skills. That will be what you offer them.

So ask yourself these questions:

Who Do You Want to Work with? – Example: “I want to work with health coaches.”

What Are Your Skills? – Example: “I can plan and write health related content.”

What Are the Gaps in Your Skills? – Example: “I’m not so great at graphic design, so if I plan to put graphics with the content I create I need to find someone to outsource to.”Social-Media-Social-Icons

Once you answer these questions you can then choose which services you’ll offer. Remember that you don’t have to be a one stop shop. You can offer just content planning and writing services or you can offer content planning, writing, publishing and marketing services. It’s up to you how far you’ll go with what you offer, plus up to what your ideal clients want and need in a content marketing and social media manager.

A Note about Finding Contractors

Let’s talk for a moment about finding contractors. You’ve seen within this guide that you don’t have to do everything because you can outsource. There are numerous ways to find contractors to outsource and will depend on the type of prices you plan to charge your clients, which will depend on what your clients can and will pay, right?

Some places to find contractors are:

Upwork.com – This is a freelancing website where you can find contractors all over the world at every price range. You’ll simply post your position, and wait for the bids. You the hire people via the system which handles payment to the contractor, too. This is a good, safe way to hire your first contractors. Be aware that the lowest bid is not always the best bid. Pay attention to ranking and experience of those who are bidding.

WriterHelpWanted.com – This is a group for writers, which also accepts job ads free right now. You can simply go to their website and click on “submit a job” and fill out the form. Your listing will be placed and then the applicants will reply directly to you for the position. You’ll also handle all background checks, references, and payments yourself.

Listing on Your Website – If you are going to hire contractors you may as well put an “apply to work with me” posting and page on your website. Even if you’re not currently accepting contractors, keeping that up will help you keep leads in your pipeline. When managing contractors, it’s always best to have more than you need at your fingertips.

Of course, there are many more ways to find contractors. You can place a request right on Facebook in various groups you join, on Linkedin.com and other places where people who can do the job hang out. You can even place an advertisement in your local paper. Leave no stone unturned locating contractors if you plan to run your business this way. Be sure to have plenty of leads in the hopper because if one person doesn’t work out you can turn to someone else.social media

Differentiating Yourself from the Rest

As you work out the business model you want to follow, one thing you’ll need to do is stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, it’s not that hard. You know how often mechanics seem to have broken down cars? Well, content and social media mangers often have horrible social media and content marketing examples of their own. Why? They’re busy. But, this is no excuse. You can stand out by treating yourself as your own client first.

Build the best social media marketing networks, and the best content marketing examples for your very own business. Do for yourself what you purport to do for other businesses as you seek clients. The easier you are to find by your clients, the more they’re going to trust that you know what you’re doing and can do for them what you are doing for yourself.

As you work to be the best ask yourself these two questions:

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