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Profiting Guide To Facebook Retargeting Ads

Guide To Profiting With Facebook Retargeting Ads

You probably already know that your buyers like to see a brand or product multiple times before making a buying decision. That’s very true for Facebook users. When they see an advertisement on Facebook, they’re much more likely to respond if they have previously engaged with your business before. This is why Facebook ads can be a very profitable way to market your offerings if you are also engaging with people in other ways.

What are Facebook Ads?

If you don’t know what Facebook Ads are, go open your Facebook right now and start scrolling through your timeline. Within the timeline and/or on the right side of your screen, you’re highly likely to see various ads.

The ads you see depend largely on your own actions such as t Facebook-Email-Retargeting-Advertising-Campaignhe things you discuss, the keywords you look for on Google as well as the websites you’ve visited previously. These ads only appear on Facebook. While other people are also being delivered the ads, your timeline and your Facebook wall are unique to you, based on your actions, and the actions of your friends on your wall.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

The fact of the matter is that if you can’t find your audience on Facebook, the chances of you ever having an audience at all, or making money is slim. With over 1 billion active, daily users, they are the largest community you can access with multiple sub communities and groups Facebook is truly the place you should be placing your time and money when it comes to advertising as well as socializing.

What is Facebook Retargeting?

Retargeting means that the people you’re targeting for these particular ads are people who have already visited your website, liked your FB page, subscribed to your email list or who look like any of these types of audience members.

Four types of retargeting ads can be used with Facebook.

  1. Website Retargeting: When someone visits your website and then leaves your website, in the process they’ll download a pixel that you’ve placed on the site. This pixel will alert Facebook when the customer signs on to Facebook again. At that time, they’ll be delivered the ads that you’ve selected for just this audience (custom audience).
  1. Facebook Likes: If you already have followers on Facebook, people who have liked your page, you can choose to market only to them using custom audiences again, this time targeting people who have liked your page. It’s no different than if they signed up for your email newsletter, targeting them will yield better results than targeting people who know nothing about you. facebook retargeting
  1. Email Subscribers: A genius way to set up a retargeting advertisement on Facebook is to use your existing email list to create a custom audience. You’ll need to download your email list from your provider into an Excel file in the appropriate manner as directed by Facebook and then upload it as a “data file custom audience”. This is can be very beneficial since you attract people that already know you. And because they know you, they are easier to sell to.
  1. Lookalike Audiences: This is an amazing way to reach people that are similar to your current audience. These look-alikes share characteristics with the people you’re already connected to. This audience “looks like” your current audience due to some type of activity or demographic. The ability to choose this type of person to target is genius and will result in higher sales and more profit.

Using these four types of retargeting will yield higher results for your advertisements that you place on Facebook. After all, the point is to get in front of your audience many times to stay at the top of their mind as they make a decision to buy or not to buy.

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