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Profiting Guide To Facebook Retargeting Ads 3

Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Step #1 – Setting Up Your First Ad

  1. Choose the objective for your ad campaign

For this tutorial, we’re going to choose “Send People to Your Website” because we want to increase traffic to our website. Depending on what your objective is, the following options may vary slightly. It’s worth noting that once you’ve found success with your first Facebook ad, it’s a good idea to try other types of ads as well as other custom audiences.

As mentioned before, an ad targeting people who have previously visited your landing page or your sales page might give them the nudge they need to sign up or buy from your Facebook Ad.8

  1. Enter your campaign name & click create ad accountfacebook buttonSet your country, currency and time zonefacebook form


  1. Choose your custom audiencefacebook
  1. Define where you’d like your advertisements to appear. Then set your budget & schedule.Facebook


  1. ormat your ad. Then click review order to ensure everything looks right. Facebook methodsFacebook ad
  1. Once you’re happy with the ad, click place order and proceed to pay for your Facebook ad.
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