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Profiting Guide To Facebook Retargeting Ads 4

Creating Your Facebook Ad

Step #2 – Create Your Ad Pixel

  1. Navigate to Tools >> Pixelsfacebook ad 7
  1. Navigate to Actions >> View Pixel Codefacebook ad 8

 Copy the given pixel code & paste it into notepadfacebook adfacebook ad 9Step #3 – Add Pixel to Your Website:

  1. Log into your website and paste the pixel code into the HTML code of your site – before the </head> tag.

Note: If you use WordPress, there are a couple of plugins you can use for this. One is called Facebook Conversion Pixel. The one I use is called Per Page Add to Head by Erik von Asmuth. It allows you to ad code to specific areas without adding it to everything.

If you choose to install it, here’s how to use it for your Facebook Ad pixel.

  • Once activated, you’ll find it under Setting >> Per Page Add to Headfacebook ad 10Paste the previous saved pixel code into the box. facebook ad 11
  • Select which post types you want the code added to (generally posts and pages). Click savefacebook ad 12

It’s all pretty straightforward. It might seem tricky when you’re just reading about it, but once you sign into your Facebook and start doing it, it will be quite easy to get it done. The most important thing is ensuring that you run a successful Facebook Advertisement by having a plan and executing that plan.

The Six Components of a Successful Facebook Ad

Aside from choosing the right audience, you need your Facebook ad to really stand out and hit all the marks of a successful Facebook ad if you really want to become profitable with Facebook retargeting ads.

  1. Compelling Headlines – It’s important to keep your Facebook Ad headlines short, and to use attention grabbing positive words in your headlines. You can include keywords that suggest location too. For example if you have a local beauty salon and you’re having a sale on color, your headline might be something like, “Big Color Sale Portland”. You want to keep copy short on Facebook due to the fact that most people use their mobile devices for Facebook.
  1. Persuasive Ad Copy – On Facebook, this text appears above the image you choose for the ad. It’s important to use Power Editor because you will get more than 25 characters in order to write this copy. You want to shoot for about 10 to 15 words, keeping it short and sweet again, due to screen size on mobile devices. You can include the CTA here or you can include it elsewhere as discussed below. For persuasive copy, consider trying to elicit fear of loss by indicating scarcity or exclusivity.
  1. Awesome Images – It’s imperative that you double check Facebook’s image size for your advertisement as it does change occasionally. If you don’t get the size right, your image may appear strange. Use high quality images to avoid fuzziness. If it has words in it, some of them might be cut off in the advertisement and that would not be good. Keep the words to less than 20 percent text.
  1. The Right Caption – The caption appears under the description which is under the picture. Sometimes this is just a URL but if your URL isn’t something that advances the audience member’s curiosity then you can change that a little by adding a backslash or other descriptive words there.
  1. A Complete Description — Currently you are allowed 250 characters for the description. This is also to be considered ad copy and written with that in mind using every character to further your agenda. Pull out your keyword list, and find attention-grabbing words that advance your brand that bring to mind what your audience needs and wants. Example: Win Lose (weight), Shocked, Top, etc.
  1. Call to Action – On all ads there is a chance to put a button that says something like “learn more” or “download” or something that will motivate your audience to click through so that they can get the information that the ad is conveying. Facebook gives you some set choices including having no button. Right now, the top choices are Learn More, Shop Now, and Sign Up.

Designing your Facebook Ad can mean the difference between making more conversions and losing out on conversions. Take the time to develop ads and test ads for your audience so that you can craft the most high performing Facebook Ads for your niche.



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