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Facebook Groups Wrap Up

Today we wrap up  the Facebook groups post. I hope you have enjoyed this series of pot as much as I enjoyed presenting them to you.  I have learned a lot from the preparation of the posts, and hope you learned somethning also.  If you liked this seies and would like some more like this please let us know.

Facebook Groups Tips

Your group will run a lot more smoothly if you are aware of or follow these ten tips…

  1. Create Guidelines for your group.  Upload and place the document permanently in your group “Files” section and be sure to let each new member know where to find these.  (You can also share in a Dropbox folder, if all your members have Dropbox.)
  2. Keep Guidelines short, clear and simple.  Remember groups are there to enhance everyday life and provide enjoyment – even groups with a serious focus.
  3. Use document sharing capabilities to build your group.  For example, one writing group holds a casual, weekly poetry contest, giving out the topic and then inviting members to upload new poetry directly into the “Files” section.  Creativity in formatting and adding illustrations is encouraged and a small prize of Facebook credits is awarded the winner – unanimously chosen by all group members via the weekly Poll when all entries are in.

Another group awards a graphic emblem and special post to the “best tip of the week” uploaded via Dropbox into the group’s Dropbox folder’s “Tips” sub-folder.  In this case, the reward is purely through a status award – but it’s as popular as the poetry contest.  And needless to say, their “Tips” sub-folder is packed full of high-value tips.

Yet another group devoted to the game “Fantasy Kingdom” holds a weekly riddle contest, in which the riddle maker adds a new verse (containing one clue) daily to the riddle until someone guesses it.  The prize is sometimes a specialty item from the game Marketplace and sometimes “kingdom cash”.


Our “Northwestern Photography Group” could easily hold a seasonal photo contest, with the prize being recognition, a physical item, an Amazon gift card or whatever prize would most inspire the members.

In addition to meaningful discussion and help with niche problems, strategies such as contests, games and polls keep your members engaged and active – the real hallmark of a successful group, no matter what the size.

  1. Step in quickly if conflict arises.  As admin, you need to play the role of moderator.  Depending on the average age of group members, this may never become a problem – but if it does, refer to the guidelines and nip any flames in the bud.

Sometimes it’s a case of members growing overenthusiastic and taking liberties out of zeal.  In this case, write to both members privately – or “Chat” to only those two together.  Recognize their zeal, but let them know you’re looking to them as an example for other members.  Get things back on track quickly!

Facebook Groups Summary

Facebook groups can provide a powerful way to deep relationships and bond a community together.  They can help you gain real followers and build your reputation and social networking status – as well as making Facebook much more fun by using groups!

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