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Living In The Now 2

The Power Of Living In The Now

Avoid Getting Wrapped Up in the Future

Most of us are so busy chasing the future of our dreams that we overlook the joys of the living in the present. Even worse, if we don’t get what we think we desperately want, our life might seem ‘ruined’.

Look at all the pressure put on teens to get good grades so they can get into the college of their choice. If they don’t get in for any reason, they often feel as if they are failure or as if their life is ruined.

Happily married couples think kids and a home of their own will make their lives perfect, until they discover one of the partners is infertile and the roof starts to fall in due to heavy winter snow. I

t’s times like these that test a person’s character, and often make or break even the best relationships.

Outside stresses abound, but we place a lot of stress on ourselves due to all our expectations, thoughts and desires. We spend so much time chasing after the future we want, such as money for the down payment on that dream house, we fail to live in the now.5672de74ee6dfab8c23913b471b0f725

We do what we have to in order to keep our jobs so we can keep on earning in order to pay the mortgage, but there seems little time for anything other than work and other commitments. Then we get frustrated and feel like a giant hamster running in a wheel all the time.

This constant doing instead of being, of living in the future, instead of living in the now, can cause anger and frustration to build. Very few of us are at our best when we are stressed and angry.

It can cause us to do something we will regret; such as do or say something to our partner that might be very hurtful. Once or twice might not be a deal-breaker, but if you find yourself arguing about the same issues over and over again, it’s time to look at your present if you ever intend on having a future with that person.

The #1 cause of divorce is money trouble. Money can’t buy happiness, it’s true, but it does give you a lot more choices than being poor. The important word here is choice.

Do you find yourself just doing the same thing over and over because it is easier than trying something different? Or ignoring opportunities because they don’t fit in with what you picture your future to be like?attentive -thich-nhat-hanh

The truth is that your life unfolds moment by moment in the present. In the time it’s taken you to read that sentence, about 10 seconds have already passed into the past. By the time you finish, which might take about another 10 seconds, those future seconds will become the present, and then the past.

Understanding this can help you realize just how precious your time is, and how each present moment is the foundation to a happier future if you take time to live in the now. Let’s look in the next chapter at some of the ways to free yourself to live in the present.

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