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Best Practice For Pinterest Promoted Pins

When you create pins that you want to promote via paid promotion on Pinterest, ensure that your pins are of good quality. In reality, the rules of succeeding with promoted posts for Pinterest isn’t much different from other types of marketing you do. You need to add value, deliver quality, and be consistent.

  • Use High Quality Images – Images that are of poor quality will not excite your followers or potential audience as much as a good image that is not only high quality in terms of technicalities but high quality in terms of using the space and art of the image correctly. In addition, make your images vertical to make them easier to view on mobile devices.
  • Tug At Their Emotions – Images are great ways to tug at your audience’s emotions and get them to care about the things that you are showing them. It can all be done via images and descriptions.
  • Use Rich Pins – These are tags that you can use to designate whether your pin is a movie, recipe, article or product. Plus, you can tag your pins to show the place you are when locality is important.
  • Include a CTA – Your calls to action are important and can be included on a well-designed image. Create the pin just for Pinterest. Don’t use the same exact images everywhere in the same form, with the same words on them.
  • Use Keywords – You can use 150 keywords with every promoted pin, but it’s more important to use the right keywords than to use too many. Focus on using the right keywords that really go with what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Interact With Your Audience – If someone comments on a pin, make sure to answer back. They’ll appreciate it and realize there’s a real person behind your business.
  • Start Your Pin On Your Website – Always start your own pins on your website, then add to your boards. This helps people who then find your pins get back to your website, which is the whole point, right?  Use a plugin that will help you with this, which you can build here.
  • Optimize Your Landing Pages – When your audience finds your pins and then clicks through to your website, ensure that what they find looks awesome and is made to keep them on your site and to answer your calls to action. You want them to go to the product or service page, not just your blog.

As Pinterest rolls out promoted pins and buyable pins giving businesses new ways to market and advertise their products and services best practices will evolve. Add to this list as you learn more ways to use promoted posts and Pinterest ads.


With Pinterest Analytics you can know how well Pinterest is working for your business, learn more about your audience,  get insight into which pinboards are getting the most traffic and repins, plus information about your audience such as what devices they use to view and pin your information.pinterest3

Widget Builder

You can use plugins to put a “pin it” button on your website, but you can also use the widget builder which enables you to build a “pin it” button that allows you to personalize how it looks and what it says.22widgets



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