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Other Ways To Use Pinterest For Marketing & Advertising

You know it’s important to use high quality images, use vertical images due to the proliferation of mobile devices, use rich pins for movies, recipes, articles, product and location, and to put a pinnable image on every blog post or article that you publish.

Some more tips that you may want to follow are:

Participate in Live Pinning During Events

A great use of Pinterest is to use it for pinning on a board live during any event. This works especially well for an event you’ve promoted, and you can use the finished result later, too.

Here are some tips to make live pinning work for your business.

  • Promote – Create a short link for your pin board. Promote it through that link before the event so that your audience knows to check it out during the event. Then, promote it during the event and encourage everyone to share.
  • Throw a Contest – To have a successful contest you want to promote it in advance, make it easy to enter, give targeted and useful prizes, and ask them to re-pin or to create their own boards linking to yours.
  • Ask for Guest Pinners – Did you know that you can invite guest pinners for any particular board? Just go to the board you want to invite a guest to and click “edit”, then invite collaborators. Now they can add to the pinboard, too.15invitecolaborators

Using the Pin It Button

Putting a “pin it” button on your blog posts, product posts and website is a great way to drive traffic. Just having the button isn’t enough, though. You must also ensure that you create pinnable content that people want to put on their boards. You can increase traffic substantially by including a “pin it” button on any content that you want shared.

There are different types of buttons – you can put them under a blog post. That usually looks something like this:12buttons

Plus, you can have pin it buttons that appear on or near images like this:18pin it button on image

Having these easy to use buttons will help your audience share your products, services, blog posts and anything you want them to be able to easily share with a pin.

Cross Promote Your Pinterest

Another way to market your business and your Pinterest is to cross promote your pins. Send an email to your audience, include CTAs like “Follow us on Pinterest” or “Don’t forget to repin.” Sharing something on other social media should also include a CTA to follow, pin, and use your Pinterest. Cross promotions like this works well because people find you in different ways.

Ensure Your Images Are Sized Correctly

If you want your pins, or other people’s pins to look right, ensure that you put the right sized images on your website or blog for proper pinning. Pinterest offers a style guide for you to keep track of the right sizes.



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