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Your Podcast Background

Everyone wants to establish expert status in their field. Expertise is essential to business owners in gaining the trust of customers. Expertise can be demonstrated through social media branding, producing quality content on your website, guest blogging, and establishing yourself as a podcast guest on quality shows. Use your areas of expertise as the basis for the topics you come up with for your interview pitches.

Understand the show’s format

This is crucial. Each show has its own style that shows in the voice of the host as well as how they construct the program. When you are familiar with the format, you also know what questions to ask of the host and how to pitch your topic so they won’t have a choice but to say yes to your proposal.

A Sample Template for your Podcast Pitch

It’s time to think about what you will say that is different from the tons of other emails that podcast hosts get for interview topics. This is a business proposition after all. Use the same care that you would in other areas of your enterprise. If you land the spot, it could be the first of many and lead to more opportunities in the future with this particular person or some of their partners.

Carefully construct your email. This is your first impression. To that end, ensure that you have the correct email address that will get your message directly to the podcast host themselves. Google them if you have to. This is another reason to make sure that you visit the website. Podcasts that frequently perform interviews probably have guidelines for submitting pitches. Follow them to the letter.

Next is your subject line. Clearly note in your subject line the reason for the email. For the reader, there should be no question as to the reason for the email. Be concise. Stick to ten words or less. The subject should be something like Podcast interview pitch topic. The title of your pitch shouldn’t mince words. Instead, it should summarize the story that you want to tell their audience. Stay on topic and on task.

Introduce yourself to the host. This is where you talk about who you are and what you do. What is your business enterprise? Give a synopsis of your background that correlates with your pitch and how you can help. Don’t forget to include a link to your website and/or blog so the host can check you out if you pique their interest. Introductions are always good especially if you are pitching cold.

Demonstrate that you have microphone for podcastlistened to the host’s podcast. Mention a particular episode that meant something to you. Show how their past shows have led you to believe this topic would be a great idea for an interview for their audience.

List the helpful content that you can provide to their audience. These are your “takeaways.” Everyone wants good quality content. One way to demonstrate that your idea is not just another fluff piece is to list specifically what you want the audience to know when they finish listening to your interview. What should the audience be able to accomplish once they have heard your information? Make sure that what you provide will add value and not rehash info everyone already knows.

What are the incentives for the host? Sure, they will be doing a great service to you if they have you on the show, but what is their takeaway? Offer to promote this interview on all of your social media outlets as well as links on your website. Just to make it easier on them, include your stats: audience stats, number of active email subscribers, unique visitors, etc. discuss the type of content that your audience typically reads. List podcasts you have guested on before and perhaps a link to those interviews.

What would you do if the host says yes to your proposal? That’s the intended outcome here. So, just in case, make sure that you include the relevant information that they would then need from you: picture of yourself, a bio, link to your blog and/or website and social media pages. A link to your calendar makes scheduling the available time to talk easier.

Where can they reach you if they like your pitch? Contact information for your potential host includes but is not limited to email address, website address, telephone number, mobile number, etc. Add a sincere closing. From start to finish, this pitch is personal. You intend to influence their audience for the benefit of both business enterprises.

After pitching your interview topic, you may receive an email confirming that it was received. This doesn’t mean that the host is adding you to the lineup immediately. Wait for the “I’m interested/Can we talk” email. Give it at least a couple of weeks. If you still have gotten an email from the host, send a quick follow up email to let them know that you are still interested in appearing on their show and look forward to hearing from them soon.

We are going to be optimistic here, since we are in business. When (we did say when) the host agrees to have you appear on the show, it is proper etiquette to follow up with a thank you after the interview goes live. At this time, you may enquire about other podcasting opportunities that may come available.

Each pitch is different but most include these criteria somewhere in the lineup.


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