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How To Find Guest Opportunities To Podcast

The first thing to do is some research. Make a list of possible podcast targets. You can do this in a couple of ways. First, do you know anyone who has a podcast that would fit in with the needs of your target audience? It is easier to pitch to known business associates or to get an introduction from a friend or business partner. Introductions are better than cold pitches but that doesn’t mean that your cold pitch won’t meet its mark. It is also a question of technique and finesse.

Many podcasts are available on iTunes since Apple was one of the first podcastsupporters of podcasting. This will take some work, as the podcast directory is not the best here. You can look them up by subject name or keyword to find out the owners of these podcasts. Once you have the name of the podcast, you can Google it to find out the contact information for the owner/host. Another way to find viable podcast shows is to set up search parameters that include your “keywords + podcasts.”

Join a membership site dedicated to all things podcasting like Podcasters Paradise. Here you can join an established community of podcasters to pick their brains about what types of guests they usually interview as well as tips on landing guest spots.

Businesses are starting up that specialize in putting podcasters and potential guests together. Enterprises like Interview Connections take the guesswork out of finding and booking guest spots. Most of the work can be done yourself, but it is a good way to maximize your efforts once you begin to appear on podcasts and gain a positive reputation.

No matter who you come up with as far as choices, always investigate the guest interview policy and booking procedures for each podcast. As we stated before, follow these instructions to the letter. They are there for a reason and can weed out those who are not serious about appearing on the show.

Now that you have gathered your list of choices from various sources, it is time to rank them. Creating a spreadsheet could be a valuable tool for viewing your choices at a glance. Criteria could include listening stats, social media stats, search rankings, relevancy to your business, publishing frequency, brand match, interview guests, size of their podcast, etc.

How do you know these hosts? Do you interact with them personally? Are they a friend of a friend? Rank them according to the number of degrees of separation between you. What is their podcast following? Depending on the number of listeners, some podcasts are ranked as a larger draw than others. A podcast with 10,000 listeners will have a larger reach for you than one with about 1,000. That doesn’t mean that both are not beneficial, but you are just getting started here so you want to influence the most people you can.

Start from the top of your list. Record all relevant contact information so you can simply go down the list when it comes time to send out pitches. Unless they are just not a good fit, each name on the list has potential value.

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