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How To Be A Stellar Guest On Podcast

Here are some points that will make you a great guest on podcasts. This information is great to know so that you aren’t caught unaware during your big moment.

  1. Don’t cancel – Once you have set up a date, keep it, unless you are on your deathbed.
  2. Get ready early – Start preparing and checking things at least an hour or two before show time.
  3. Secure your audio equipment – Pre-interview talks with your host will reveal what is needed for the interview to take place. Ensure that you have a good phone connection, an excellent microphone, updated computer software like Skype, etc. Check and recheck that all is in good working order. Don’t forget the sound check.
  4. Have your notes handy – You have been practicing and now you are ready. Just in case you need to refer to your notes, keep them nearby in bullet format for easy reference. This is not a speech so you won’t need to concentrate on these notes the whole time.
  5. Choose a quiet room – Extraneous noise is a distraction and can easily be picked up by sensitive microphones. Prepare a room with a door that can be closed.
  6. Keep answers insightful but brief – The host has an agenda and an entire show to get through. Speak slow but clearly. Don’t elaborate unless asked by the host.podcastlaunchcover2015-3dmockup-300x300

Mistakes to Avoid as a Podcast Guest

Yes, you can flub up a podcast audio interview just like a video one. Here are some mistakes to avoid that can also help with the jitters.

  1. Don’t let nervousness get the better of you – Practice does make perfect. This will help you avoid stammering, rambling, and the frequent uhhhs.
  2. Always offer freebies – What does the audience get out of your interview? Well, besides useful information, they also need some free stuff. Be sure to mention this and give the host links to these landing pages on your website ready for immediate use.
  3. Lack of interview promotion – Once the interview is scheduled and set, get busy on your social media outlets. Let everyone know so they can tune in to you live or download it for later listening. After the podcast goes live, add links on your website and social media outlet to drive more traffic to your website.

So what have you learned today? Hopefully the primary takeaway is that podcasts are an emerging medium for driving traffic and building credibility. As a podcast guest, you can boost exposure for your business, your website and gain a larger following in general. As always, quality will rule the day so choose wisely when searching out podcast guest opportunities.


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