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Identify Social Media Resources You Currently Have & Need

As you’re getting to know the influencers, it’s important to take stock of the resources you already have. Resources include your outsourcing budget, the people you already have available to you, plus any technology that helps. Identify what you have, and make a list of what you need.

  • Know Your Budget – Depending on how deep your pockets are will guide you about how many team members you can add to your social media team right now, and inform how much you need to increase your profit to add more people to your team. Keep in mind, anytime you can outsource something for less than it cost you to do it yourself you’re winning.
  • Know Your People – Who helps you now? Who can help you if you put them on the payroll? There may be clients and customers that are ultimate fans and have the skills to help you with social media. Figure out who these people are. Start building additional and stronger connections with these resources.
  • Understand Tech – There is a lot of technology that you can use to automate the non-engaging parts of social media. For example, you can use Buffer.com to schedule social media updates, and even remind you to push out Instagram posts. This can cut down on some of the time outsourcers need to spend.

Now that you know what you have, it’s time to make a list of your needs. It might help to take a week and take note of every action you take that has to do with social media. Did you make a meme using Canva.com? Did you answer some customer service questions on Twitter.com? Did you host a FB Live event on Facebook? What parts can be completed by someone else without anyone noticing without engagement suffering?

Plan Your Team Structure

Within the list you have created, you should be able to identify what team members you need now and even later as a goal as you increase your income. It may help to give each team member that you need a title or role.

For example, you may need the following roles:social-media-resources

  • Content Creator – Someone who is good at writing content, blurbs to introduce your blog content, perhaps even write your blog content in addition to your social media content. The content that goes on social media needs to relate back to your website or blog content, so the social media content creator needs to be on the same page as anyone else you have creating content for other online real estate.
  • Graphic Designer – You may not need someone who can do everything when it comes to social media. But if someone is good at making memes, finding the right images to get people’s attention, and putting that all together, then that’s going to help a lot. While it might take you two hours to make one meme, it’s going to take a graphic designer a fraction of the time.
  • Community Manager – If you run a group anywhere online you may need a community manager, especially once your group grows beyond a certain point. Running a group or community can take a lot of time. Find someone who has experience in managing communities like yours.

You get the idea. You may also need a customer service assistant, a Facebook ads manager, or even a Google ads manager. Whatever it is that you need to ensure that your social media marketing team is awesome, create a role for it whether it currently fits your budget

Once you have identified the roles, you can then decide what each of these people will do so that you can design your advertisement. Avoid trying to hire an “all in one” person to do everything. You need a team, which can work together if someone gets sick or is out for a week.

You can hire service providers with the specific skills to help you on an hourly basis, rather hiring a high-priced expert. But, what you want is a solid social media team that works well together and gets the job done. The way to get that is to be very specific about the title, duties, and the skills.

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