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Social Media Best Practices 2

Share Social Media Testimonials

A wonderful way to boost the “know, like, trust” component social-media-serviceof your social media presence and show your appreciation is to highlight testimonials you receive. When someone says something nice about their experience with you, ask them if you can quote them on it. When they say yes, share their words with social followers and connections. Be sure to thank them for “making your day” or “making you smile.”

Go Live

One of the best ways to highlight your trustworthiness is to “go live.” You can do this on webinars, YouTube.com, Facebook Live and more. When you interact in real-time, people can easily see who you are and learn from you. Since you won’t have a script or be able to edit anything before your live audience sees it, “going live” helps you to build trust. You’ll just be who you are and it will give your audience an opportunity to see how you think on your feet.

Focus On The Target

Get to know your target audience well. In particular, you should know what problems they face, their gender, lifestyle, occupation, etc. Talk to each person as an individual, not the group as a whole. Create a persona and talk with the “person” who is your ideal customer or client. This will work far better than trying to appeal to everyone.

Work Your Profile

Each social media network has profile area that is slightly different from the others. While you don’t want your profile to be copied verbatim on each network, it should be consistent with your branding and provide helpful information, including links when possible. Your profiles provide a way for your audience to get to know you and your business. Use all the space you’re allowed on each network to stand out.

These 8 best practices work on all social media networks. But, let’s get more specific about what you can do on a few commonly used networks to stand out even more.


The Facebook can be quite amazing. If you can’t find your audience on Facebook, you probably need to niche down or define your target audience more. According to statista.com, on a monthly basis there are over 1.71 billion active users on Facebook. The best way to stand out on Facebook is to encourage interaction in a variety of ways.

  • Images – Every now and then Facebook changes its image sizes. Keep up to date on the best sizes to use so that they are more appealing and sharable. Use images in updates to help your audience find you in the sea of information in their news feeds. Use well-made, branded, attention-grabbing images to help promote your topics and updates.
  • Content – The content you share on Facebook should lead readers to take some type of action, whether it’s going your website, blog, or getting them to sign up for your email list. Plan the purpose or a call to action for all content before you share it. Don’t share anything that is unrelated or uninteresting to your readers.
  • Engagement – Don’t blindly share content. Most Facebook users are not there to buy. Generally, they dislike advertisements and over promoters. So, you need to engage with users on Facebook for maximum impact. One way to do that is by creating a group where they may feel more comfortable interacting with you and fellow readers.
  • Promote – You can’t just leave things to chance on Facebook. If you have something important to share with your audience, use the tools available to promote it. You can promote a post, run an advertising campaign, and share items more than once.

Facebook is the place to be if you want to increase the size of your loyal audience base. Create a group so that you can engage with people. Answer questions on other people’s groups, be a resource, and “go live” with important information for your audience a couple times a week.

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