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Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the net? Let that sink in a little. Now, imagine what that means for your current and future marketing strategies. As videos become easier to create and view, it’s even more important to include videos in your marketing plan.

Every business, even the smallest one-person business, can use video to provide information, spread the word about products or services, explain difficult concepts, and get more followers. If you want to use video in your business, you’re in the right place to learn how to make the most of this form of content.

Tips to Stand Out On Video

Video can be intimidating. If you are an introvert or are unfamiliar with the camera, you might find it difficult to embrace video marketing. But, as you learn how to set everything up you’ll gain more confidence. You want to ensure that you have great lighting, an interesting background, good sound quality, and the right content. You also want to ensure that if you’re appearing in the video that you not only look great but that your image translates well for your branding.

  • Background – What you put in the put in the background is important. People are easily distracted and you want them to focus on what you are saying or highlighting. Try to stay away from busy, bright, bold, excessively colorful, and moving items, like an aquarium in the background. This is important, especially if you are recording indoors or in an interview style.
  • Lighting – Use natural lighting to ensure that your video looks the best. You can do that by setting the stage so that you face towards a window that allows bright filtered or soft light through. You may want to purchase a good lighting system specifically for filming or recording, like a Diva Ring. Depending on you situation, style, or topic, you may also considering making the recording outside.
  • Sound – You’ll need to practice with your sound equipment to make sure you can be heard. You can buy separate pieces of sound equipment for your mobile device, camera, or your computer depending on how you’re setting up everything.
  • Appearance – Your appearance matters. Remember, videoou are the face of your business. The way you look impacts how viewers perceive your business. Neat, well groomed, professional, knowledgeable, up-to-date, friendly, unpretentious, and honest are just a few impressions you want to convey to your viewers. So, dress and speak accordingly while maintaining your unique personality.
  • Content – Although video has great visual appeal, viewers also want to hear your voice and the information you share. Script and organize your video to maximize the quality of your information, product, or service. Sequence information and instructions in a way that makes it easy for viewers to take action.
  • Intros & Exits – Don’t forget to make the video stand out by using additional visuals or audios within the video. At the very least, include intros and sign-off or ending sections. These are good places to incorporate music or sounds and images, since they also help you to brand the video and make it memorable.

When it comes to standing out, it’s not about gimmicks or putting on a show, while you pretend to be something you are not. The key is to be yourself and allow viewers insight into your unique personality. Help people to see you for who you are, including your faults and all. In a world where many people feel that they have to be perfect, it’s refreshing to be able to identify and connect with people who are always “real.”

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