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What Differentiates Video For Each Social Media Network

Each social network has characteristics that differentiate it from the other networks. Let’s take a closer look at video friendly social media sites and discuss how you can use each to your advantage.

YouTube Live & YouTube Videos

Live broadcasts can do a lot to boost viewer interaction and engagement with followers and fans, as well as community and tribe members. People really do love seeing you explain and share things. It makes them feel more connected to you and trust you more.

Google has made changes, including some you-tube- videoinvolving YouTube and Google Hangouts. In short, Google+ Hangouts on Air is merging into YouTube Live. With the move, a few changes are taking place.

YouTube Live is a great way to do “behind the scenes” and “a day in the life” type of videos, among other things. However, YouTube Live does not support Q & A or the showcase feature as Hangouts on Air did. Recorded videos are a great way to do demonstrations, informative videos, and other “how to” videos. YouTube is a community that you should get to know.

To stand out on YouTube it’s important to build your community by providing content on a regular basis. This can be easily done by uploading various types of informative videos interspersed with live events. Plus, don’t forget to include a well-branded opening to every recorded event, plus a good ending that includes your call to action (CTA). Your CTA will be very important on YouTube and YouTube Live.

Finally, don’t forget to promote your live event in advance. The rule of thumb is at least 48 hours in advance of your event. Promotion for everything you do is important. If you create recorded or live videos, you need to tell people about them if you want viewers.


Periscope is a very popular live streaming app. In fact, some marketers use Periscope live streaming solely to engage with their followers. It’s very important that you understand how Periscope works before you abandon other platforms.periscope video

Check out your competition, come up with a new topic or twist, and then go for it. Remember that Periscope users are usually young people under age of 34. You can use Periscope for live Q & A’s, how to’s, and connecting with your audience. Connecting with them on a more personal level will help you to increase leads and sales.

With Periscope, the best way to engage your audience is to conduct several Periscopes each week or on a daily basis. The more you can interact on Periscope the better. Periscope is generally less structured than some other live events. You’ll need to promote your Periscope in advance with a dependable airing schedule.

To stand out on Periscope create the mood and set the scene by starting your scope by pointing at something interesting before you appear on the screen. If this is a set scene so much the better, as it will help with creating a brand for your scopes.

You’ll also need to learn how to multi-task. Periscope isn’t quite that user-friendly yet. It’s difficult at times to read the comments and answer questions while keeping your broadcast looking as professional as possible. Some people choose to ignore the comments but if you can call out people who make comments it will thrill your audience and make you stand out. Most of all, be yourself and have fun.


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