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Getting Traffic From Social Media 2

Getting Social Media Traffic

Try to Be Interesting (Hint: It’s about them)

In order to be interesting and share attention-grabbing information that resonates with your audience. If you ever go to live events, you know that the more other people talk about themselves, the more they look highly on the person they were talking to.

  • Post Images & Video – When you post images, people are a lot more likely to look at it and share it. Images can help make a serious subject less painful, as well as help explain complicated topics in fewer words.
  • Use Humor – Anytime you can make a point with humor you’ll get attention. If you can turn that attention into clicks, that’s even better. This is why knowing your audience is the number one thing you need to do in your business no matter what.km-being-herself on social media
  • Ask Questions – If you’re not sure what to say to get attention ask an important question that needs to be answered. Give them some choices and try to incentive them to answer, perhaps link to a form on your website for them to use to answer.
  • Be Active in Your Life – This might seem odd, but if you don’t have an interesting life, then you can’t really be that interesting on social media. Get away from the computer and live your life, you’ll be happier and it’ll show and people will be drawn to you.
  • Show Your Results – If you’re promoting something that has an end result post about it. You can use images of yourself or you can use images of your audience who have used the product.results on social media sites
  • It’s OK to be Imperfect – The truth is no one is perfect. But, there is only one you. You are the only one that can add you to the picture. Therefore, always be yourself because if you’re not, it’ll eventually show.

The more you can turn all these things around to be about your audience, the better. When your audience feels listened to understood, and thought about they’ll be much more likely to click through and go to your website, sign up for your email lists, and become part of your inner circle.


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