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101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Getting targeted traffic to come to your website is important because the more people you can get to come to your website that wants what you offer, the more people who will sign up for your email list and the more people you’ll make sales to. This means your revenue will increase in a number of ways.

1. Study Keywords – You need to understand as much as possible about keywords. It can make all the difference to not only how much traffic you get, but to whether they stick around to consume your content or not.

2. Start a Message Board – You can use various systems like DelphiForums.com to start a free message board that can be used to build a community that will want to come to your website.

3. Join Someone Else’s Message Board – If you join someone else’s message board and particulate in the community by asking questions, answering questions, and commenting when relevant you’ll get more traffic. Let your bio and signature speak for you, overtly selling on someone else’s message board is not cool.

4. Start a Facebook Group – A free way to start a group is with Facebook Groups. Make it open to the public, share all your blog posts to it, plus ask questions, answer questions and comment on other people’s discussions.

5. Join Someone Else’s Facebook Group – Many groups cater to your ideal audience. Join them and become an important part of the community. Never promote without permission in someone else’s groups.

6. Start a LinkedIn Group – You can also start a free group on LinkedIn. If you take time to create a great description, people are more likely to join. Make sure to share content regularly that links back to your website.

7. Join Someone Else’s LinkedIn Group – Search for LinkedIn groups that interest your target audience. Join one or two at a time. Participate in the groups for a few weeks or months. Leave the groups that don’t suit your needs.

8. Build Your Email List – When you have your readers and website visitors on your email list, you can send them to your website whenever you post something new on it to bring them back to it.

9. Use Email Marketing – Use your email to market your website to others by adding the right email signature, plus ask them to share and visit.

10. Join HARO – This is a handy website called Help a Reporter Out, that helps you find and become a source for others including journalists and the media.

The word Traffic on a road rising up to represent increased activity on the web or transportation system such as freeways and highways

The word Traffic on a road rising up to represent increased activity on the web or transportation system such as freeways and highways

11. Guest Blog – Find influential places that accept guest blog posts. Create a unique and original post for them with a good image. Include a topic related bio to help you build your reputation and get click-throughs.

12. Start a YouTube.com Channel – YouTube is a fabulous traffic generator if you edit your video to include your URL, and include it in the description and even as a linkable comment. (Note: include a verbal CTA as well)

13. Guest Appear on Someone Else’s YouTube – Many YouTubers, who are popular in your niche, often collaborate in joint projects with other YouTubers. If you can guest appear on one of these popular YouTubers accounts, you can generate more traffic.

14. Host Google Hangouts – Google Hangouts are free, and anyone can watch. You can also record it to use later. During the hangout mention your site and describe it in the description too.

15. Offer To Be Interviewed – Lots of experts need to fill interview slots. Make your availability known. Send emails to influencers and tell them the various topics you’re an expert in and what you’ve done.

 16. Create Better Headlines –The headlines on your blog posts and content in your website matter a great deal. Don’t use click bank, you’ll get the wrong type of traffic. Instead, make the headline as close to accurate about the inside content as possible using keywords that they’ll use to find the information.

17. Join a Proiofessnal Blogging Community – Many professional communities do charge a small fee, so in reality this is not always free. Some are free, but even if there is a small charge consider joining in order to get traffic to your website.

18. Meet Local Bloggers – In your local area, there are bloggers that probably meet for drinks or some sort of after-hours events. These can work to help you get more traffic just be helping you get your name known.

19. Link to Other Relevant Posts under Each New Post – Internal linking is an important traffic increasing strategy. It will also keep the traffic you get on the site longer, thus giving them more opportunity to know about your offerings.

20. Write for Huffington Post – If you can get a relevant article published on Huffington post, you’re sure to get a good amount of traffic from it. It can actually be super overwhelming if your post goes viral, so make sure you’re ready.

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