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101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Getting targeted traffic to come to your website is important because the more people you can get to come to your website that wants what you offer, the more people who will sign up for your email list and the more people you’ll make sales to. This means your revenue will increase in a number of ways.

21. Optimize SEO – Search engine optimization is essential to helping you get free traffic to your website. There is both on and off page SEO. Learn as much as you can about it to ensure that you’re doing it right.

22. Create a Site Map – A site map is really just a list of pages on your site that you want indexed by the search engines. If you use WordPress as your content management system, you can get a plugin to help you create a sitemap.

23. Use Google Webmaster Tools –– Google webmaster tools has a lot of training, and information for website owners to help them succeed at getting more traffic. They literally tell you exactly what you should do.

24. Put up Flyers – You might be surprised that a flyer will work wonders. While not technically free due to the cost of ink and paper, it’s not enough to notice. Post flyers at the library and local businesses that have customers that you want.

25. Go to Local Meet Ups – Go to Meetup.com and find meet ups within driving distance that you can attend. Become part of the group before you start marketing to them. But, if you let them know your expertise they’ll help you share on and offline.

26. Attend Live Events – A great way to get traffic is to become a familiar face in the live event circle. Going to live events doesn’t have to cost a lot of money; you can volunteer to work at the events you want to attend.

27. Host Live Events – Hold up, this can be free. Here’s what you do. Get sponsors and charge attendees. Invite speakers. Share news and updates on social media, as the event happens. Send out a press release and watch the traffic flow in.

28. Become a Speaker at Live Events – Create a good script on a topic. Record yourself after some practice and maybe a little editing. Then send it to organizers and volunteer to speak at live events. When you speak make sure you give them a reason to go visit your website.

29. Submit Your Posts to Reddit – Each time you publish a relevant post you feel will have widespread appeal post it to Reddit. Be ready for the onslaught of traffic should it go viral.

30. Do a Blog Tour – To conduct a blog tour, contact blog owners that cater to your audience. Offer to write a very specific and unique blog post just for their site that you’ll both promote. Give them an affiliate link to your website so that if anyone in their audience makes a purchase the blog owner will be paid.traffic-banner

31. Call out Influencers in Your Posts – When you write a blog post about a topic you read about somewhere else, such as on another blog or in a book, tag the source in the post you write. If the source comments on it, their audience may see and read it.

32. Check Your Metrics – Some people will say that the data doesn’t matter, that only engagement matters. Engagement is imperative, but studying the numbers matters a great deal. How can you know if what you’re doing is working if you don’t look?

33. Connect With Competitors – It might seem counterintuitive to connect with your competition but it works. You can both encourage and market each other via newsletters, blog posts and more.

34. Use The Right Keywords – It takes some understanding of how keywords work to understand which ones to use. It might seem like you should use the most obvious keywords but that would be wrong. Use low competition keywords that people are looking for. You can learn more by using Google Webmaster Tools.

35. Use Long-Tail Keywords – Three and four word keywords are called “long-tail” keywords. They are also called keyword phrases. You can discover these simply by starting your keywords in Google Search.

36. Comment on Other People’s Ads – On Facebook there is promoted posts, and sponsored ads that appear in your feed. If the advertisement is relevant to your needs, try to make a good comment on it. People may click on your profile and then use the link there to go to your website.

37. Do Facebook Live – People love live events and you can host one anytime you want to. Try to come up with a topic that you know your audience will like and ask your viewers to share.

38. Publish video On LinkedIn – Putting a good “about me” type video on your LinkedIn profile is a great way to describe what your website is about, what you do there, what type of content you share and a juicy offering will help encourage viewers to come to your website.

39. Write for Kindle – A great way to bring traffic to your website is to publish a Kindle book that you know your audience will love, sell it for only 99 cents. Include links to various blog posts that you’ve written and even make an offer they can’t refuse within the pages of the book.

40. Write Round Up Posts – The top ten posts on your blog, the blogs about a particular category, how to blog posts – these are all good ways to create a “top ten” list with your own blog posts that people might want to read. This is also a great way to revive older content.

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