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101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Getting targeted traffic to come to your website is important because the more people you can get to come to your website that wants what you offer, the more people who will sign up for your email list and the more people you’ll make sales to. This means your revenue will increase in a number of ways.

41. Create a Facebook Page – Make a page for your website so that you can easily promote your posts on Facebook. You’re not supposed to use your personal FB page to promote anything so this is a necessity. Create a “learn more” tab that goes to your website.

42. Overlay Your URL on Your Blog Post Images – When you create images for your content use a service like Canva.com to create an overlay that includes your URL so that they know exactly where to go to find more when the image is shared.

43. Join AllExperts.com – Join All Experts and you can ask and answer questions that people ask. You’ll create a profile that includes a link to your site and you can make the questions public so that people see your expertise and want to know more about you.

44. Start an Affiliate Program – You can use various plugins and websites to create a free affiliate program that enables you to let other people drive traffic to your website in hopes of making a sale of one of your products. As long as you break even after paying them, it’s technically free.

45. Put Your URL on Your Business Card – You already have business cards. Make sure you put your website URL or a QR code that will take recipients straight to your site.

46. Respond to Blog Comments – When you get blog comments, always respond to them. It makes your website more interactive and helps create more user-generated content, which will draw more search engine traffic.

47. Respond to All Social Media Comments – When people comment on things that you say on social media, be sure to make a comment back. Keeping the discussion going is a great way to get more people to visit your website.

48. Answer Other People’s Questions – In groups, forums, and on social media, ask questions. Be the expert that answers them. The more you can establish yourself as an expert the more curious they’ll be about you.

49. Answer Questions on Yahoo Answers – This is a great way to continue to increase your reputation as an expert, in addition to getting reputable links back to your website. Spend a little time looking for relevant questions and answering them.

50. Answer Questions on Quora – This is the same thing, you can spread the knowledge that you’re an expert in your niche by answering questions in an intelligent and educated manner without overtly selling or asking people to come to your site.websitetrafficpresentation-160726005632-thumbnail-3

51. List Your Blog on Alltop.com – Listing your blog on reputable listing sites is still a good way to get back links to your website. But, you want to ensure that the site is reputable and relevant to your audience.

52. Write How to Posts – A How To blog post is very attractive to the newbies in your audience who want to know how to do things. Try to write at least one how to post about each aspect of your niche.

53. Write Long Form Posts – A long form blog post is a very authoritative post that goes deep into a topic. Instead of being general in nature, these posts explain, in detail, a topic of interest with graphics, charts, definitions, and internal links to more information.

54. Include Video In Your Blog – Today, video is very popular and is more likely to be shared than text. By including video on your website, you can dial into that type of audience member and use it to explain tough concepts or just to let your audience know you better.

55. Create Response Posts – When a blogger with a contrary opinion to yours posts about something you disagree with, respond, and send them a copy of the post and call them out on Twitter so they’ll go to it. (Hint: Their audience will go read it too.)

56. Curate Relevant Content – You don’t have to write all the content yourself, you can also be the go-to place to get any information in your niche from other bloggers, online magazines and so forth by simply collecting links to the content and providing a blurb about each bit of content you’re sharing. Because you’re sending your competition traffic they may even send some your way too.

57. Host a Webinar – People really do love webinars and you can host them free using Google Hangouts, or you can use another service and charge them to attend. That makes free and profitable. You’ll increase traffic to your site as you collect email addresses, add people to your list, and remind them about new blog posts in email updates.

58. Be a Speaker at a Webinar – When someone else hosts a webinar on a topic that your audience would want to see, volunteer to become a speaker at the webinar. Look for industry specific “call for webinar speakers” to find more opportunities.

59. Host a Teleseminar – This is similar to a webinar except it’s on the phone. You can host weekly teleseminars, based on various topics within your niche. If you offer excellent information and content, you can draw a lot of traffic as people share the link, channel, and details.

60. Be a Guest on a Teleseminar – Just as you can be a guest on a webinar, you can be a guest on teleseminars too. In fact, people who host regular teleseminars are always looking for guests. Put the word out that you’re available.

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