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101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Getting targeted traffic to come to your website is important because the more people you can get to come to your website that wants what you offer, the more people who will sign up for your email list and the more people you’ll make sales to. This means your revenue will increase in a number of ways.

61. Network with Influential Bloggers – Get to know high traffic bloggers with a similar audience. Work with them in some way. This allows them to get to know you and grow to like you. When the influencers like you, their audiences will probably like you too.

62. Connect With Your Audience Live – There are varieties of ways to connect live. Tell people you’ll meet them at a restaurant for a meet up. Host or attend a FB Live or YouTube Live event. Live participation helps you build trust, which helps you build traffic.

63. Create Relevant Categories – On your blog you can create categories for your posts, create categories that make sense to your audience. This helps increase traffic by making it easier for people and search engines to find the content they want to read.

64. Comment on Industry Blog Posts – When you comment on industry blog posts, depending upon the system they use, people who read your comment and are impressed can click on your name and find out information about you, including a link to your website.

65. Interview Influencers – Start finding high profile influencers, make a list of them with their contact information that you can find online. If possible pick up the phone and call them to ask for an interview (be prepared to record at that point in case they want to do it right now). Interview, post the interviews, and name names.

66. Interview Audience Members – When you invite your audience to be the star, you can create buzz that you never thought of. After all, your audience will love hearing from someone who is just like them. The interview can be shared and to bring like- minded members to your website.

67. Interview Your Competition – Yes. That’s right. Your competitors will want you to interview them to get access to your audience. At the same time, you’ll also want to give them an interview to get access their audience members. When done correctly, it’s a win-win situation.

68. Subscribe to Other Blogs That Your Audience would Like– When you subscribe to other blogs, you can learn what they’re talking about, how popular the topics are, and what readers think from looking at the comments. This can give you the opportunity to comment and use the information as inspiration for your blog posts.

69. Turn Your Data Heavy Posts into Infographics – If you have any data centric posts you can turn them into infographics. Watermark it before you share it, so that people can find your website.increase-website-traffic

70. Invite Influential Guest Bloggers – Nabbing guest bloggers can be hard to do today. However, if you can get some influential guest bloggers on your website’s blog, you’ll get a lot of traffic from their audience. You may need to figure out something to give them in return, if you don’t have a high traffic blog or website yet.

71. Post Content to LinkedIn – LinkedIn now allows you to post articles and you should do it. You’ll get a lot of reach if you share those posts with your groups and on your profile page and include some form of call to action.

72. Make Sure Your Blog is Responsive – It’s more important than ever that your audience can reach and particulate in your blog and website from their mobile device. In addition, remember that Google Search doesn’t index nonresponsive sites the same as it does responsive websites.

73. Check Your Website’s Load Speed – How fast your website loads is very important. If it takes longer than a few seconds to load, not only will you miss out on traffic but on search engine indexing too.

74. Build a Community – However you do it, through groups, comments on your page, a forum, live events – a community creates not just new traffic, but loyal fans who will yell your praises to everyone they know.

75. Locate Your Competition – Find your competition and follow them, and get to know them. If you can comment on their blog posts, congratulate them on their successes publically, and perhaps sell their products you can get their attention and end up with some of their traffic.

76. Create Viral Content – While you may not think it’s easy to create viral content, you can actually plan it by knowing your audience, and spending the time creating it, then promoting it and you can make it go viral.

77. Know Your Audience – You can’t create traffic generating content if you don’t know who your audience is. If it helps, create audience personas and as you create the new content think of that one person to make it more targeted.

78. Create an App – Apps are useful for generating traffic. But wait, that’s not free. Well, it is if you charge for it. It’s more than free for you; it’s profitable and drives traffic to your site within the app.

79. Send Influencers a Gift – You don’t have to pay money for gifts. Find a good article they’d like, or notice a TV show on that they might like. Send them a link to it with a note from you. More than likely, they’ll thank you by calling you out on social media, which will send more traffic to your website.

80. Get Testimonials – Ask your audience to send testimonials in text, video, audio or memes. The testimonials will be shared by them, and by others, and help send more traffic to your website.

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