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101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

Getting targeted traffic to come to your website is important because the more people you can get to come to your website that wants what you offer, the more people who will sign up for your email list and the more people you’ll make sales to. This means your revenue will increase in a number of ways.

81. Publish eBooks – Write small eBooks, put them on your website using a service like Gumroad.com and the allow them to pay as little as they want (as low as a buck) and them market them on social media. People love paying what they can afford. If the book contains links back to your website, that’s even better.

82. Create a Viral Video – Video that is funny, awkward, quirky, exciting, and short can often become viral. But, you have to create it, promote it, and be ready for the traffic. (Hint: don’t only promote it once, promote it many times)

83. Write for Print Publications – There are many publications looking for both paid and free contributions. Even your local newspaper might need content. All you can do is find the publications that your audience likes to read, and then pitch content to them.

84. Become an Important Online Community Contributor – Any community, whether yours or someone else’s can provide an opportunity for you to be a star. Start contributing freely without concern of selling. Your name will be their guide to finding you.

85. Put Links in Your Social Networks – You can put links to your website in your profile, and tabs, in action buttons and more on social media. All of these including your shares are ways that you’ll earn more traffic free.

86. Share to Google Plus – Google plus is still a good place to share your blog posts and content. Share often, but be sure to write a nice introduction and invite comment too about the content to get the discussion rolling.

87. Ensure Your URL is Relevant – When you create each page of your website, and each blog post (which to search engines is like a page) ensure that the URLs are relevant with the right keywords that tell the reader what’s in the content.

88. Publish an Article in Popular Email Newsletters – Many people send out newsletters to their email list. They often need content. Subscribe to proper bloggers’ newsletters to watch the type of content they publish then offer to write relevant content for their newsletter. Even offering a testimonial can get you traffic.

89. Get Listed in Relevant Online Directories – There are many online directories that are free and still legitimate. Find the directories that your audience likes to look at before posting.

90. Publish in Local Publications – Local magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and blogs are good places to publish your content. Make it relevant, unique, timely, and useful to draw a lot of traffic from the exposure.social media traffic

91. Publish in Industry Magazines – Find industry magazines that are directed toward your audience. Read them for a couple of months. Write to the editor in charge of contributors. This info can usually be found in the back of the magazine. When you’re published, promote the piece and the magazine.

92. Send Direct Mail – Yes, this does cost a stamp. But, that’s practically free and direct mail still works as long as it’s not a purchased list. Start collecting addresses from your email subscribers and send them something in the mail. Post cards are even less expensive. Remind them about your website and they’ll come back.

93. Connect With Indirect Competition – People who talk to your audience but promote complementary products and services and are not direct competition are wonderful people to Joint Venture with. When you JV with others you get access to their audience, their lists, and their popularity.

94. Start a Podcast – A podcast is an audio show that you can post in numbers places from your website, to iTunes and more. One of the great things about a podcast is that it’s portable. Your audience can listen while traveling, exercising, or working. Podcasts also give you additional links to your website, which people will click, if they like what they hear on the podcast.

95. Use a Link in Your Email Signature – Email signature links will get clicks from a variety of people. It’s important to include these informative contact links for all your emails whether from your personal account or from your autoresponder.

96. Send Out Press Releases – The good “old fashioned” press release still works and is still important. When you win an award, launch a new product, do something awesome. Write and send out a press release about the honor.

97. Get Recognized – Praise from third parties is a great way to get traffic. If someone does a story about you, offers to feature you on a TV show and more this is a great way to get more traffic.

98. Pick Up the Phone – If visitors and community members have an issue or problem and you have their contact information, ask them if you can give them a call. Very few people care enough to make the time for a personal call. Doing this may shock them a bit at first. However, the impression it leaves with them is priceless.

99. Host a Contest – Contests are awesome ways to get attention. This doesn’t have to cost you a thing if your prize is a digital product you’ve created, or a service you do yourself. Ask for videos, stories, testimonials and more that you can share with your audience, ask them to share with theirs and the winner is the one who sends the most traffic and gets the most votes.

100. Create Effective Navigation – If you only do a few things on this list, make this one of them. If your audience can’t navigate your site, they’re not going to be able to share it with others proudly nor will the search engines want to share your content either.

101. Post More Content– Don’t just post any content, post relevant, unique, helpful content directed toward your audience in a way that makes them know, like and trust you enough to tell others about you.

If you want free, yet targeted traffic, be sure to keep the content on your site interesting, updated, and full of relevant quality information for your targeted audience. Before you incorporate any of these tactics to increase your traffic, ensure that your website is ready for the new volume of traffic. Double check your hosting package to make sure your bandwidth is not limited to a small amount. You may need to go with a larger package if this is the case.

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