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How To Use LinkedIn Groups

In the last post we started our plunge into LinkedIn grougps,  by discussing the business to business atomsphere that is present on this site.  You can utilitize the site for business as well as socila media networking.  It also provides a internet location for members to discuss business as well as market one’s self for the job industry of your choice.

LinkedIn Activities of Groups

Step 2.  Joining Groupst

It’s ridiculously easy to find group related to your interests, though you will be hampered if you want to find groups outside your interest – groups are based on industries you’ve aligned yourself with, as well as your personal connections, and are chosen for you as a selection, on that basis.

Start studying groups by going to “Groups” in your top horizontal menu bar, then selecting from the first three categories in the drop-down menu.


You’ll be served up pages of results for each category.  When you find an active group that appeals to you, simply press the “Join” button.


If a group is “close”, but not quite what you want, press the tiny icon to the right of the word “join”, and you’ll be given an option to view similar groups.


Once you’ve clicked “join”, most likely you will be informed you need to wait for approval.  Notice that there is an option to “send a message”.  This allows you to write a short note letting the group owner know either how you are connected or why you would be a great fit for the group – not the other way round.

9-pending approval

Once you are approved go ahead and access your new group.  Answer questions.  Join in the “Most Popular Discussions”.  Give your opinion.

And check your spelling before hitting “Add Comment”!

Notice also that you can choose to:

  • Receive an email for each new comment
  • Share your comment via Twitter


If you choose to press the tiny Twitter radio button, your tweet will instantly appear in the Twitter feed with a link to the conversation.  Any group member logged into LinkedIn will see it – an advantage if a group is extremely large.  (And some group memberships can run into the thousands.)


This increases your chances of having someone comment on your observation, starting a dialogue.

Step 3. Creating Your Group

You’ve now become familiar with groups and you’ve got your information ready to upload or copy-paste.

Now it’s time to create your group.

Simply go to “Groups” in your top menu bar and click on “Create a Group”.


A page will open up asking for all the fields you’ve already prepared – your group logo, name, description and summary.

In addition, it will ask you to choose from a drop-down menu a group type.


If you select “other”, a textarea box will open up, allowing you to enter a custom type.  Think carefully before selecting a type name.  Make sure it is a term that people actually search for.

You’ll also be asked to enter your email address – and your website.  It can be a powerful tactic to create a special landing page for your group, containing resources or sign up incentives.

You will also be able to set your “Access” parameters.  Simply check or uncheck the appropriate radio buttons to set your preferences.

In addition, you can pre-approve members with the following email domains – which makes it easy for your membership site contacts to join, if you so wish.


If your group is based on a location, be sure to fill in your country and zip code or postal code.


Be sure to check the radio button to allow your new group to be announced on Twitter on completion of this form.

Your next step will be to invite people to join.  You’ll be given multiple options to do this, with instructions, so be sure to read your options carefully before deciding.


Finally, Linked in will announce your group on Twitter, if you’ve checked the radio box… and in the LinkedIn “Latest Updates” column for your LinkedIn contacts.


LinkdedIn Groups Summary

In this post we covered joining groups and creating your own group.  You can also use groups to send emails, conduct polls, search for employment and many other interesting things.

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