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Building Your Social Media Team

Questions to Ask Potential New Staff

When you identify someone to fill a particular role on your social media team, you’ll want to interview them and ask them the right questions. One thing to be careful about when hiring outsourcers is that most of them to not want to be employees, and they have their own onboarding methods. But, you can still interview them and get to know them before choosing them for your team. You’ll want to come up with questions for each role.

Content Creator

• What types of content have you created and for whom?
• Do you have samples of your work?
• If you started today, what types of content do you think I need in the next month?
• Have you looked at my group/blog/website? If so, what were your first three thoughts in relation to the type of content I have?
• How do you feel about deadlines?

Graphic Designer

• What software do you use?
• Do you have examples of graphics created for social media?
• In what ways do your graphics increase engagement?
• What are some ideas you have to improve my business?
• What types of things get in the way of meeting deadlines?

Community Manager

• What are your platform specialties?
• How do you define success?
• What do you know about my business?
• Which platforms do you suggest we have a presence on?
• What do you know about analytics?
• What software do you use for analytics?
• Do I need to purchase any specific software to work with you?

A good way to figure out what type of questions to ask when you don’t even know the first thing about that particular role is to Google it. Just ask Google “What questions should I ask _________”? Fill in the blank for the role you’re trying to fill.

Modify the questions to be more specific to your business. Include whether the team member will be a contractor or employee. If you interview more than one person for a role be sure to ask them the same questions. When you know your offers and the goals of each you’ll do great building your social media team.

Where to Find Team Members

Finding the right person to fill a particular role may take a little time and effort but it’ll be worth it. Determining what needs to be done, and who will do it is the hardest part of the equation. But once it’s all in place your business should run like clockwork. First, you have to know where to look.

• Ask Your Colleagues – Fellow business owners and JV partners can often be the best place to go to find the best people. Ask who they recommend, as soon as you have defined the team member’s role and responsibilities.

• HootSuite.com – If certification and knowledge of HootSuite.com are important you can check out this social media consultant directory of people who have completed training and been certified by HootSuite.com.

• Upwork.com – This a good place to find a variety of team members. They also have a way to manage payment to make sure you receive the service you pay for. If you never or seldom worked with service providers, hiring people on a project-by-project basis allows you to learn the ropes as your projects are completed.

• Vanetworking.com – You can list your position with VA networking. Even if the position isn’t a “traditional” VA job, this is a great place to find qualified service providers.

• CloudPeeps.com – If you want to hire a social media manager this is a great place to find someone who fits the bill. With their system, you can request free proposals, or search based on your budget.

However, you choose to find your team, take the time to develop each role fully so that you know without a doubt what you want them to do. Then take the time to interview more than one person, give them a short test run, and then go from there. You’ll be glad you did.

Building your social media team might seem daunting to start with, especially if you’re not sure of the terminology. But, by learning about service/product providers, as well as defining your goals, roles, and expectations, you can build an awesome team that helps you work and profit more than ever before.

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