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Managing Your Brand on Twitter

Branding strategies just help people identify your business or product:  They create it.  The more people see your branding elements in a bigger variety of location, the more firmly your brand will become established in their minds.  They know what to expect from you – and until your brand is well established, this relationship-trust building block is your biggest asset.  That’s why it’s important that all your branding efforts go towards reinforcing your company “message” and mission.

Twitter is just one of the many social networks that can effectively help you build your brand.  Let’s focus now solely on this objective…

Step 1.  Fine Tuning Your Profile

Think about your profile from the average Twitter user’s point of view.  If he or she clicks on “Go to full profile” or sees the pop-up version, your bio URL is the only one that will be visible – so make sure you actually included one.

Include your location too – even if you do business solely online. Many people prefer to search for businesses in their area; and this way, you’ll ensure your profile is included in their search results.  And, of course, add your keywords – the ones you want associated instantly with your business in the minds of viewers.

In addition to your header, consider adding a custom background – even if this is just a plain background in your company and/or website colors.

To create a Twitter background:

  1. Go to your Settings by pressing the little gear-arrow icon.

When you Settings page opens up, choose the Design tab in the left-hand menu.

  1. You can select one of many premade themes (backgrounds)…

…Or upload your own custom background file; or select custom colors…

If you create and upload your own 1920 X 1200 pixel custom background, you can include branding elements such as your QR code, logo, URL, colors, tagline, product photos, other social media URLs and any other element that can help viewers instantly identify your business.

You can give your business a stronger identity by including elements that patrons or customers associate with it; or showing team members or staff.

Background design tips:

  • Remember that people will be viewing your background at all sorts of resolutions. Use a professional template or have a graphic artist design one for you.

(Tip:  See if any offers for Twitter templates are currently being offered on Fiverr – run a search.  Check the artist’s rating and feedback before ordering.)

  • Make sure every element of your background supports your business as an entity, giving it personality, mood, tone – and above all, consistency
  • Don’t make backgrounds too “busy”. Let the viewer’s eye be drawn to your most important graphics or elements without distraction
  • Try to avoid tiling: Unless you are tiling plain colors or textures, tiling is the quickest way to exhaust the viewer’s eye (which can be both confusing and irritating)

Optimize your Twitter bio:

If your business has different functions or departments, do include (besides keywords) additional, relevant Twitter handles for the people handling these functions or departments.  For example, a TV station might present the following bio:

  • “Your Top News for the Sage Mountain area. @ViewerPhotoUploads, @NewsTips, @LocalEvents”

Make sure your Twitter handle is optimized to your brand:

Time to check and ensure you are using your Twitter handle and URL to maximum branding effect.

Most sole-proprietor online business will benefit best by signing up with the owner’s real name (e.g. “Phyllis Wisniewski”) but choosing their business name for their username, as below:

What this translates to, when people view your Twitter profile, is the following:

Your Twitter URL is always the same as your Username – and your header display name is always the same as your sign up name.

If your business itself is more important than any one person, sign up with your company name.

Then have key staff members sign up under their own names or departments.

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