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Snapchat Marketing Guide 5

5 Snapchat Marketing Tips That Work

The fact is, if a large corporation sees the value in marketing with Snapchat, then you should take a look, too. There is a lot of potential with Snapchat that you may be leaving untapped, such as the potential to find an audience in the 100 million active Snapchat users.

1. Quick Snap Sales – Since Snaps disappear as soon as you watch them, it’s a great way to post notices about quick sales with coupon codes. Your Snapchat exclusive audience will be so happy. Plus it’s a sneaky way to get people to friend you on Snapchat if you tell other audiences about the sale they need to go to Snapchat to learn about.

2. Host a Snapchat Contest – You know how the radio does a daily show where you have to collect five or six words for the week and if you know all the secret words it forms a secret riddle you need to solve? You can do that via Snapchat, too.

3. Just Say Hi – Showing a little behind the scenes action is a great way to say hello to your friends with your Snapchat. It keeps you in the front of their minds. This works really great with life coaches.

4. Offer a Prize for First Response – Send out a quick message saying “First response wins 50 percent off my new Brand Coaching Package”. Then you can respond back with how to take advantage of the 50 percent off by giving them a code.

5. Reward Spreading The Word – Ask your Snapchat friends to recommend you to other friends. Offer a random prize to those who prove that they have sent someone to friend you by having the new friend tell you via Snapchat who sent them.

Using these methods to market your business on Snapchat are tried and true ways to increase sales, get more friends, and boost the awareness of your business. But, let’s go over some marketing do’s and don’ts to be safe.

Do’s & Don’ts of Snapchat Marketing

There is always a right way and a wrong way to do anything, Snapchat is no exception. You can be creative, but you need to be careful, too, because it’s still social media. No matter what they say, Snapchats can be saved by other means such as recording or screen capturing.

First the Do’s

• K.I.S.S. – You’ve heard it before, but it should be repeated often. Keep it Simple. One thing about Snapchat is that it sort of makes it easy to be simple since you are severely limited in how long your interaction can be and how much information you can relay in 10 seconds.

• Provide Exclusive Content – You don’t want to regurgitate the same content you share elsewhere, and honestly, it would be hard to do anyway. Instead, the content you share on Snapchat needs to be completely exclusive to Snapchat.

• Humanize Your Brand – Show behind the scenes information. Let’s say you are getting ready to give a live speech to a group that you’ll also record and offer for download later. Why not show yourself getting ready and show your audience how excited you are about speaking?

Now the Don’ts

• Snap to Snap – Have a reason for every single Snapchat you share with your Snapchatters. If it doesn’t provide value to your audience what is the point of it? No one wants to look at boring snaps, or endless selfies without a point. Have a point.

• Get Off Topic – It’s imperative that your Snaps represent your brand in a unique way so that the moment your audience sees the Snap they know it’s you. You want to be yourself, but be yourself representing your brand at all times.

• It’s Not Really Temporary – Never forget that while Snaps technically do disappear after watching, they really aren’t gone. People can screen shot your Snaps, or record them by other means. If you make a mistake, own up to it right away and don’t pretend it’s gone.

The most important thing is that you offer value to your audience in an authentic and honest way that promotes your business.

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