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Growing Your Audience With YouTube Live

Whether you want to do a webinar, an online conference, show people how to do something or just talk to your fans, YouTube Live is becoming the go-to platform for getting it all done. What’s more is that just like creating YouTube videos, it is easy and almost anyone can do it for any audience. Going Live is a little more complicated, but with the right instructions, you can do it. It’s important that you do, because live video is becoming super important for anyone who wants to build a strong business online.

How to Build a Hungry Audience for Your Live YouTube Events

The best way to ensure that you have an audience who is craving your content is to start creating a lot of informative, engaging, entertaining and educational content for your audience on YouTube. Start with a lot of recorded information. Make short videos about one topic at a time. Make them fun, interesting and timely.

In the meantime, build your audience elsewhere too:

• Facebook – Join groups that your target audience belongs to and participate. Don’t go in only to announce your shows. Build relationships with individuals so that they want to see your live shows on YouTube.

• LinkedIn – You can put videos up on LinkedIn within your profile. Add short clips from live events, or make an introductory video. In addition, join groups and participate in them so that you can let people know about your YouTube Live Events.

• Other Social Media – Any social media that you’re part of, and more importantly, your audience is part of, make a point of being part of the community. Help people, answer questions, ask questions, and truly become part of the group.

• Your Blog / Website – Post regular information, including links to your current and past videos. This will help your audience know what you have done, are doing, and will do. The more relevant content you share, the more your audience will want to join in to watch your live YouTube events.

• Email List – Of course, you should be working to build your list on and off YouTube. In your Live Events and recorded video, you should always mention your website so that your audience can view it and sign up for your email list. You can also post the information under the video.

Everything you do will work to build up an audience that wants to hear more from you. The main key to getting a bigger audience is to know who your audience is and deliver the information that they want to see.

How to Come up With Ideas & Topics for your Live Event

First, you need to understand your audience enough to be able to produce any type of content for them. If they’re not interested in it, they’re not going to come watch. But, if you really know them, and know what they want to see, you’ll win them over every single time.

A few topics and ideas to help you get started:

• Interviews – This is easiest to do if you’re visiting with the interviewee in person. You can essentially produce your own TV show right on YouTube Live. Set up your shot, and start asking questions. You can also let the audience participate by letting them type their questions into the chat. You’ll need someone to watch the feed to catch the questions, or even set up a call-in line if you want to.

• Behind the Scenes – Everyone likes knowing what is going on behind the scenes of people that they like. It’s nice to get insight into how you spend your day, how you determine what to tell them, or even what you’re eating for dinner if it’s relevant to your niche.

• Q & A’s – A lot of YouTube stars like to do Q & A’s live. They may ask their fans to send them questions through Snapchat or another means due to the busy feed, but they’ll play the snap chat questions live and then answer them live. This is a great way to do Q & A. But, you can also set up a phone line for people to call you. If you put it on speaker phone, it’ll be more interesting to your viewers.

• Special Announcements – If you’ve just got some great news or you want to shout out to your highest earning affiliate, you can set up a spur of the moment live event on YouTube to share that information. Even if your audience misses seeing the live event, they’ll watch the recording. Those that are around when your last moment event goes live will be super excited and feel special. Alternatively, you can schedule the announcement.

• Product Demos – Live Events are a great way to do the unboxing of something you ordered that you think your audience will like or a full-on demo. Ensure that you have good lighting and sound, then demonstrate the product in front of the live audience.

• Guest Speakers – You can even allow someone to speak for you right on your channel if you give them your key. This is great for group channels so that each person does the work for their own show.

• A Day in The Life – For some super fans this will be a live event made in heaven. This will work for some channels better than others. Lifestyle channels will find that their audience likes spending time with you no matter what you’re doing.

These are just a few ways that you can use the live streaming option on YouTube. It’s like anyone anywhere can start their own TV show without having to purchase crazy expensive equipment. All you need to do is ensure that your sound and light is good enough and you’re good to go.

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