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YouTube Live Examples

First Way to Find Creator Studio

Click your picture on the upper right-hand side. Then click “creator studio”.

Second Way to Find Creator Studio

If you’re already inside your channel, you can click on “video manager” and it will take you to your creator studio as well.

You’ll see the Live Streaming option on your left. Click it. Don’t worry – you won’t go live automatically like that.

Then you’ll see a blank window and your Live Dashboard.

Set Up Encoding Software

To go live you must first set up your encoding software. YouTube has a list of approved encoders depending on your operating system and device. By far the simplest choice is the open source OBS software. Be sure to collect the “screen name key” information you’ll need to paste into the encoder software. You’ll find it under the “basic info” tab.

You’ll want to click “reveal” so you can cut and paste that information into the encoder software under settings. Never share this information with anyone because if you do they can stream live from your channel whenever they want to. Choose YouTube and then fill in the information.

Fill in Stream Information

Upload a thumbnail image for your live show because that will get more views, and will be a good cover for when the recording is up. Provide as much information with keywords as you can so that many potential viewers can find you when they search for information that you’re sharing.

Now You’re ready to Go Live

It’s a little more complicated than just getting on YouTube and clicking “go live” but once you get the software configurated, you’ll be glad you did because it’s easy from there on out. Now you’ll simply open YouTube, get the show started, then go straight to your OBS software to start streaming.

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Live Event Recordings

When you create a live stream on YouTube, you can set it up so that it automatically records and stays on YouTube. But, there are many ways you can repurpose this content for use later.

• Get it Transcribed – If your event is interesting enough and has a lot of good information, you’ll want to get it transcribed, because from that transcription, you can create a lot of new content that will be great for your audience.

• Create a Book – It’s amazing how fast people talk. When they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, video is worth so many more words than that. Take the transcript from the live event, clean it up, add some extra information, images, and sources and you’ll have quite a nice little book.

• Break it Up – Sometimes one long video will be too hard for everyone to watch all at once, so help them out. Create many videos from one live event by breaking it up into short video clips about one topic within the live event. For example, let’s say your live stream was a Question and Answer event. You can go through and organize the questions about one topic together to create several videos.

• Use Portions in Ads – If you run any ads like Facebook ads, that’s a great place to use clips from your live event. If one of your guests or you said something important during the event, take that short clip and use it in your ad to get more views and engagement.

• Create Blog Posts – Each minute topic within the live video can be broken down into a written blog post. You can even take quotes from the video and insert parts of the video into the blog post to make it more visually and emotionally appealing to your audience.

• Add it to Training – If your live event came out well and is appropriate for training, you can add it to your training within a membership area. It’s okay if it’s on YouTube for free because many times people don’t have time to watch live.

• Sell it – You can remove the video from YouTube after the live event is over, and instead, offer it for sale to people who missed the live event. This is a great way to add money to your bottom line doing the work once and getting paid over and over.

You can repurpose your Live Event recordings from YouTube in as many ways as your imagination allows. It’s just like creating any product. Break it down, add to it, move things around and you can make it even better and more compelling to your audience.

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