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Setting Up Your YouTube Channel to Getting More Views

One thing that is important on YouTube is setting up your channel in such a way that people can find you when they search for you.

First, you’ll fill out the “Basic Info” for your show.

Cover Image

Create a nice cover image that explains something about your channel. You can use Canva.com to help you make it look professional or you can hire someone to help.You can see with the channel above, just from the cover image what the channel is about. She’s going to demonstrate how to cook things with plants. This is the best way to ensure that you attract the right viewers and that people subscribe.


Don’t skimp on filling out the about section. Anytime you have a chance to connect to your social media networks, link to your website or blog, and put in information that has keywords your audience might look at is a good thing.

Naming Your Live Stream

Whether streaming live or not, it’s important to put in all the information you can. In a live stream, you can name the show whatever you want to. By default, they’ll put the name of the channel live stream. But you can change it to be more relevant to what you’re talking about during that time frame.

Video Description

Even though you’re not positive what will happen during the live stream, you should know what the topic is and some points you’ll cover. Put that into the description area, as well as any links that you’d like your audience to know about. For example, if you’re mentioning a product that you like, you can put an affiliate link for them to grab and use right in the description box.

Choose the Right Category

YouTube has a variety of categories for you to choose. Scroll through them and find the best one. Most people who are trying to teach something or share information use Education, but if you think you fit into another category, then use it. If your category is gaming, then you’ll need to put in the title of the game.


You can choose which level of privacy you want Public, Unlisted or Private. If you’re going to stream live, you need to set it as Public unless it’s a paid event that you want to restrict. Then you can list it as private and only those whom you give the link to can see it.

Stream Options

Some of the choices are made for you. Don’t change them unless you are sure about what you’re doing. One option here that you may want to employ is the delay to start. This can give you a chance to get yourself in front of the camera and look more professional. But, you may want to read your encoder instructions, as some of them say not to set this to delay on YouTube.

Advanced Settings

In this area, you can enable or disable live chat. You can also slow down the chat room by using slow mode. That way people cannot type too much into the chat window too fast for you to be able to read it. Although, with a big crowd it can still be hard to read.

• Chat – Enable or disable live chat, make the chat slower, and even automatically block people from spamming.

• License & Ownership – You can choose from the standard YouTube license or you can go with creative commons. This is your choice. If you want to let people use your work in their work without attribution, then choose creative commons. If you want to maintain copyright to your work, choose standard.

• Syndication – You can limit where people can see your live stream to be viewed only on monetized platforms or everywhere. If you want more viewers rather than less, choose everywhere.

• Caption Certification – Unless your show has been on TV before, this doesn’t apply to you.

• Distribution Options – Once your recording is up, after the live event, you can allow people to share and embed it into their own web pages and into other spaces.

• Promotions – You can promote your event through featured content when it’s live by checking the box. If you have videos already, when this is checked, your other videos will promote this live event without you doing anything else. You can also choose when to start promoting.

• Age Restrictions – If your material is not for kids, you can restrict the content from them. The problem with this is that if you use it, you won’t be able to monetize or promote your videos on other formats.

• Category – We already chose Education as the category as mentioned above.

• Video Location – This is great to fill out if you’re filming in a location that’s important. For example, if you’re going live on location.

• Video Language – It’s good to choose the language that your audience is using, and of course, you should use the language your audience is using.

• Community Contributions – One thing awesome about YouTube is that with the help of viewers who want to help they can add closed captioned and another commentary to your videos if you let them.

• Video Stats – This box lets or denies others from seeing how many people have watched your video.

• Content Declarations – If you have paid endorsements in your video, then you must click this box. That means if someone paid you in any way to talk about their product, then you should click that.

• Recording – YouTube live automatically records your stream and then uploads it as a video that can be seen later. Here you can tick the box that makes the archive unlisted. You can also always delete it right after it’s been uploaded. This is where you also choose whether to allow comments or not.

• DVR – This is a neat feature that’s great for long live streams. Sometimes people are late and miss some of it, so with the DVR feature they can look back at up to 4 hours of live video while you’re still streaming.

• Stream Optimizations – This can be left with the default, but if you’ve turned off the chat, you can choose to optimize for less viewer buffering.

• Added Delay – This was mentioned before, don’t choose it if your encoder says not to. You may be able to delay via your encoder in this case. But if not, the delay is nice to help you get organized before the audience starts looking at you.

After that, be sure to save your choices.

Anyone who understands their audience and niche can create an amazing YouTube live event that people will remember and that you can use in many ways. Thus, helping you create even more content to get your message out to your audience.

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