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Use Facebook Messenger Bots To Market Effectively

FM bots will do what you tell them to, so they are the ideal way to automate your business online, particularly in reference to mobile users who love this handy messaging app. There are 7 main ways you can use FM for marketing purposes. Let’s look at each of these briefly.

Extending the brand awareness and the reach of your brand

People can’t do business with you if they don’t know you exist. Allowing them to message you enables you to connect with each other and you can show them all you have to offer.

Automating welcome messages

Facebook allows you to set up a range of FM autoreplies, including welcome messages. Write them, copy and paste them into the interface, and FM will do the rest.

Generating leads

Once people contact you, you can move them from a person who messages you once to a lead who is interested in building a deeper relationship, getting to know more about your products and services. You can accomplish this through FM, and do it in conjunction with your email marketing if you wish. Send those who message you to a landing page where they can sign up for a great free offer. Once they are on your email-marketing list and/or messenger list, you can send them more and more useful information that conveys you’re the right company for them to do business with.

Broadcasting news messages

FM allows you to contact people with news-type message in a way that is much more immediate than email. Email might sit in the box for days, but a FM will usually ‘ping’ or make a similar sound when it arrives on a person’s phone, unless you set the message to be silent.

The message will also be highly visible, showing up on their screen. If you’re a local marketer, for example, announcing a 2 for 1 dinner offer at your restaurant on a Tuesday night, you will be sure to get customers in the door because your message is so visible.

Automatically pushing new content to your connections

You can set FM so it notifies your Messenger connections each time you publish new content. This will boost your readership and hopefully the sharing of your content, and engagement with it on Facebook.

Answering typical customer service questions automatically

FM can use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your products and services. The AI relies on keywords to send the right replies that you have pre-loaded into the bot. When the AI sees the keyword, it sends the correct message. It isn’t 100% perfect, but it is accurate.

Converting browsers into buyers

You can set up FM message windows to trigger on certain pages of your website in order to encourage them to ask more questions. For example, if they are on a sales page, a bar across the top could read, “Any questions? Message us now.” It is not quite the same as a Live Chat feature at your site, but it’s pretty close. And again, you can preload AI messages that can help deal with any queries.

These marketing best practices might sound really exciting on the one hand, and scary on the other. How can you ever manage it all if you are a business with only one person in it and can’t spend 24/7/365 on the computer?

This is where Facebook Messenger bots can really come into their own. Let’s look next at the free service ManyChat, which can help you manage all of these marketing tasks in one interface.

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