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Use ManyChat.com to Create and Manage Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook does have a number of FM bots you can set up when you set up your business page at Facebook. You can start by going to Settings on your Facebook page, then Messaging. Or, you can use a handy free bot-creating tool like ManyChat, which allows you to create a range of bots for all of the marketing purposes we have talked about even if you have zero experience as a developer.

There are other free bot creators, but ManyChat is one of the easiest to use provided you are willing to take time to learn how to use it.

Organize your marketing content, such as text and images, to market to people on FM. Set aside about 30 minutes to an hour to set things up. You should be able to start marketing like a pro on FM quickly.

How to start using ManyChat

Go to ManyChat.com. Click on the button to get started. ManyChat will ask you to connect using your Facebook account. Log in.

It will then ask your permission to manage your page messages. Click on the page you would like to manage.

A tutorial is available to walk you through some of the basic features at the site, but it is easy to become familiar with the interface. The left-hand navigation looks like this:

We will discuss each element in turn.


The Dashboard will show you your account name, number of active subscribers, and your number of messages sent each day through the service.

You will see a graph with the numbers and trends.


On the Audience Tab, you will see a list of people who have connected with you via FM:

You can check or uncheck people as needed to perform various actions. You will see their Facebook avatar, name, gender, status (with Subscriber as the default), and when they subscribed.

Above this Audience bar, you will see these options on the left:

If you click filter, you will see the following choices.

You can create custom tags for your FM contacts. This would be useful if you wanted to, for example, keep track of keywords or campaigns that led to them messaging you, such as a special offer.

We will talk about widgets shortly. For now, it is enough to say that they are a sign-up form or other item that the person has interacted with in order to get onto your audience list.

For sequence subscription, you can create a series of messages the same as you would for an autoresponder series of follow up emails at your email-marketing platform. Once you create a sequence subscription, which we will illustrate shortly, you can decide which person goes into which sequence.

Finally, you can sort by gender, which might be useful if you want to send out messages that men might not respond well to, but women would, or vice versa.

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