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Facebook Audience Continued

If you click on search, it will filter by name, so you can search for anyone you wish and change their settings using the Bulk Actions tab, which is on the right above the Audience bar.

The choices when you click on this are:

Adding a tag will help you sort people by topic if you wish. Remove the tag if it is no longer relevant.

Subscribe to sequence will apply once you create an FM sequence of messages. A list of the names of the sequences you have created will appear. Select one.

You can unsubscribe them from a sequence, for example, to stop sending them messages. You can also unsubscribe anyone from the FM bot, for example, if they are a nuisance or you don’t need to market to them for any reason.

On the far-right column, you will get an overview of your audience. Here’s an example of a custom tag, CSpaniels, with 1 subscriber tagged.

You will also see a list of the widgets you have created, the sequences, and the gender of your subscribers. This helps you keep track of everything going on in the account.

We will create widgets and a sequence in a moment.

Live Chat

The next option on the left-hand navigation menu is:You should see all the people you can chat with on the left and the chat in the middle.

On the right, you can also tag them,

Or set a sequence for them. The tags are handy as a reminder of what this prospect is most interested in. The Subscribe to sequence would be handy if you have some pre-made messages such as Frequently Asked Questions that you would like to send out automatically to help build a relationship so you can make a sale.

Growth Tools

The next choice on the menu on the left is Growth Tools.

Think of these as lead magnets to generate more FM connections for your business. This is where you will create your widget. You have 3 choices:

Clicking on each one will give you a menu of choices. ManyChat has created examples to help get you started.

A popup, as the name suggests, will pop up from the page.

A bar will form across the top of the page at your site.

A landing page will be a destination you can create specially at ManyChat for your FM contacts to get more information.

There will be a report for each widget you create, showing:

That is, the number of times it was shown, how many people opted in for your offer, such as a free special report, and how many people took up the offer, that is, converted.

The reporting also shows:

This is the number of people who opened and who clicked. This is useful because you can check to determine if there is anything wrong with the offer by seeing if your open and click numbers are close. If they’re not, something is getting lost in your marketing message, because they are not clicking.

Now that we know the three kinds of lead magnets we can create, let’s look at each one in turn.

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