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Facebook Messaging For Profits 7

Facebook Messaging Text Editing

Edit the headline and text as needed.

You can also add an image if you wish, such as a logo across all messages to make them look the same.

On the third page, you will create the opt-in message that gets sent when they connect with you via FM. Decide which sequence you want to add them to. You can create more than one sequence, one for each widget, if you like.

Edit the text of the message as you wish, and include an image if you like.

Note that you have other options to include in this message.

The choices for text, images and cards are familiar, but note you can also add a Gallery of images, a List, an audio file, a video file (use your YouTube embed code for this), and a file attachment, such as the free report or other useful information.

Also, note that you can add a Button underneath the text. If you click on the Add Button underneath, you will get these options:

Title the button according to what you want the user to do. Treat it as a call to action (CTA). Let’s used Download as an example.

In the toggle menu for Do this when user presses the button, you have 3 choices:
1. Reply with message
2. Open website
3. Call a phone number

Since our call to action will be to download something, we are going to send them to a URL. So, we toggle that choice and then put in the URL.

Another good button title option might be Click to Learn More

Note that there is a 20-character limit for the title of the button. Enter the URL. When you are ready, hit the green SAVE button.

If you want to delete the button, click on the grey Delete button.

On the Setup tab, you will set your parameters and get ready to publish. The visibility settings can be across your entire site, hidden on some URLS, or showing only on certain URLS.

For example, if you have a large website about pets, and want to get people to register for a “dog separation anxiety report,” you probably don’t want to make this offer across every single page.

It might be better to put it on the dog pages, or better still, only on the content about dog separation anxiety, or dog behavior issues, or dog training pages. Choose the URLS that make the most sense and enter them into the box.

You can also decide whether to hide the widget on mobile devices. Since FM is used on so many Smartphones and tablets, this would be a bad choice, but if your website is an old one that isn’t mobile friendly, either update it, or launch a blog at your site using WordPress.

WordPress is extremely popular, free software and is mobile-friendly. No one should have any trouble accessing your content even on their small screens.f

Once you are happy with the way everything looks, go up to the top right to SAVE and preview on Desktop and on mobile. Note the switcher. The widget won’t go live until you click to active.

The default preview on the right is desktop. Click on the mobile phone icon to get an idea of what your final version will look like once you’ve make all your customizations. Edit as needed until you are happy with the way it looks in both formats.

Once you are sure everything looks great, it will be time to get your JavaScript (also referred to as JSON) code. Click on the button:

Set up the website where you will be placing the codes:

Click A to add your URL and it will be listed as an authorized website.

Click B to get the code to add to your site, or the specific pages you want to add it to. It will look like this:

As soon as you make the widget active, it will start to show and you will start to see reports.


The bar has the same choices as the PopUp, but no images. It will look like this on the screen:fb barIf you allow them to hide the bar:

It will add an X on the far right:

You will have to choose which pages you want the bar to appear on, (if not all) and add the JavaScript to your page/s of choice.

The rest of the set-up process is the same as we just described for the popup.

Landing Page

For a landing page, all your options are the same for each of the 4 tabs as they are for the PopUp.

Everything looks the same in the preview pane, only larger, because they are full pages.

The main difference is on the Setup Tab. You won’t have to turn any items on or off, and you won’t have to install any JavaScript code, because the page will be created in ManyChat and be a permanent URL for people to visit.

If you are not comfortable with adding items to your webpages, or don’t have access, this would be your best choice.


The Engage tab has several options:

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