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Think of them as a ‘newsflash’ you want to messenger to people. Use it for content that is time-sensitive and will get old if it is not sent on that particular day.

The Broadcasts home page will allow you to see your drafts, schedule messages due to go out, and a list of all the messages that have been sent.

Auto posting

Click the button and you will see:If you click on the homepage, you will see:

The RSS link will be your URL with the word /feed after the .com. This is a list of the content published on your site or blog.

You can also choose from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter Feeds. Again, make your choice based on the topic and the size of your website. Also, take into account how well each supports your marketing goal. Your best choice is your Facebook page, so every time you publish new content, they will get a message. (Just make sure you aren’t publishing too often.)


As the name suggests, Sequences is a planned series of emails you will send out. Imagine your topic is dog training. You might put a quick hint or tip with a link to a free guide or a paid ebook at the end of every tip to try to drive sales. Think of these messages the same way as you would your email follow up or autoresponder emails. They should be ‘evergreen’, that is, not time sensitive, so they can be read at any time.

Go to the Sequences home page.

ManyChat has created an example sequence for you:

As you can see, you will give each item a name and set the delay on the sequence, so the messages can be 1, 2, 3, 4 days apart, and so on. Note that if you are publishing a lot via your Facebook page, you would be sending out a lot of content automatically, so don’t overstuff your sequence. Be sure to use it to stay in touch with information and include a “soft sell” promotional message.

You will get a report on the results of each the emails in the sequence:

CTR is Click-Through Rate, the percent of people clicking once they open the message.

Note that you can drag and drop the messages up and down the list by clicking on the title, holding down the button, and moving it up or down. Note that you can also add a message to the sequence:

And re-order as needed.

Edit each email in your sequence. When it is ready, click the button to publish it.


Last, but by no means least, we have the Automation tab.

The main menu will show you your automations. The Default reply is the automatic message you can set which will go out to anyone who messages you. It’s a good way to deal with communications until you are back online again to answer them.

The Welcome message is the standalone message you can create to welcome everyone. Or, you will have created one in each Sequence you are sending out.

The real power and excitement is in the Keywords tab. Here, you will use keywords to trigger replies and actions, also referred to as Artificial Intelligence or AI in other services similar to ManyChat, you set ‘Rules’ that the bot will ‘see’ and obey.

ManyChat has set up 2 examples:

If someone sends the word start, for example, the rule will be to send the content already created, which has been named Successfully Subscribed:

You then set the action that has to be triggered, in this case to subscribe them to the bot. You need to set the content AND the action.

For the stop message, the content is Unsubscribe from bot.

and you can word it something like this and create a button.

You then have to create the action:

Create your own new Rule by clicking the top right corner:

And clicking next to Message is to set the trigger keywords:

You can then create a message appropriate as a reply to hi, that could say something like:

Name the message:

And set the action. Your action could be to put them into a particular Sequence:

But there are others to choose from as well. The Action options are:

Use these as needed to help you set keyword rules that will automate as much of your messaging as possible so you are not spending hours online answering Frequently Asked Questions.

One final point is to create an FAQ on your site, where you can refer people. This will also cut down on the number of replies you need to make, so you can focus on the business of marketing.

The FAQs are still important, but they can be automated. Create different sequences for different purposes and trigger them based on the person’s needs. Triggering one can also remove them from another if you set 2 actions on the message.

As you can see, ManyChat gives you a range of options and enables you to leverage technology to automate your business and market in a way you could never do by yourself manually.

Take the time and effort to set up Sequences and Keyword rules and see what a difference it can make to your business.

Every online marketer wants to sell well. Every online marketer is also on the lookout for something that will give them an edge over their competition. Work smarter, not harder, with the help of Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Bots you can create in a service ManyChat and see what a difference it makes to your marketing and efficiency.

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