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Why Content & Social Media Management is Such an In-Demand Skill

There is a lot that goes into being a good content and social media manager. It incorporates a lot of different skills into one position. You can outsource a lot of it, but you still need to understand it in order to manage it. You need the following skills to become a content and social media manager.

• SEO – Both on and off page search engine optimization is a skill that anyone who wants to be successful marketing online should learn. But, a business that wants to become a content and social media marketing manager for numerous businesses definitely needs to make this a top priority in terms of education.

• Writing – While you don’t have to do the writing yourself, understanding what a good piece of content looks like is a plus. If you’re going to outsource the writing, understand all the things that make a piece of content useful for marketing online so that you can demand that from the contractors you choose.

• Graphic Design – Again, you don’t have to do this yourself but understanding what makes up good graphic design is helpful. You can learn about the elements of good graphic design and then use that information to ensure you find the right contractors for your content and social media management business.

• Video – Today images and video play an important part in content marketing, which means you’ll need to either understand how to edit video or you’ll need to outsource to someone who does. Again, understanding what makes a good video for content marketing purposes will help you to choose the right contractor.

• Marketing & Advertising – Many people group these two together, but understand that they are different but go hand-in-hand. Marketing consists of doing things that only cost time and skills while advertising costs money in addition to the time and skill. For example, creating a blog post, then posting a link to it with a blurb to it on Facebook is marketing; boosting that post by paying is advertising.

Being well-rounded in these skills will make you in demand as you build your content and social media marketing business. Knowing how to find people to outsource to will allow you to grow your business into a very profitable, long lasting business that can even be sold to someone else if you also create standard operating procedures as you go. In the meantime, it’s important to keep developing these skills even if you are outsourcing because you want to know what is right and good when you do it.

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