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Differentiating Yourself from the Rest

As you work out the business model you want to follow, one thing you’ll need to do is stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, it’s not that hard. You know how often mechanics seem to have broken down cars? Well, content and social media mangers often have horrible social media and content marketing examples of their own. Why? They’re busy. But, this is no excuse. You can stand out by treating yourself as your own client first.

Build the best social media marketing networks, and the best content marketing examples for your very own business. Do for yourself what you purport to do for other businesses as you seek clients. The easier you are to find by your clients, the more they’re going to trust that you know what you’re doing and can do for them what you are doing for yourself.

As you work to be the best ask yourself these two questions:

Who is Your Competition?

Once you’ve identified your exact audience and what you’ll do for them, you need to find out who is already doing this. When you locate them, don’t be discouraged. Many people shy away from competitors and think they should pick a different niche, but this is faulty thinking. The truth is, if no one is doing it, it might not need to be done. If someone is doing it, and especially if they’re having some success, then you know it is a needed service.

How Can You Do It Differently?

One you locate them, join their lists, and start observing what they do. Then you want to emulate them but while doing so, fill in the gaps. For example, if you feel they are great with social media marketing but come up short on email marketing, you can improve email marketing for your clients. Figure out ways to add that something extra to your offerings that help you stand out.

Remember – do not be afraid of competition. Competition is a good thing. Let them do all your research. You won’t be copying them exactly, but you will be using their ideas, improving upon them, and capturing the customers because you’re doing it just a little better.

How to Price Your Services for Profitability Yet Competitively

One of the most important aspects of becoming profitable is learning to price your services well. For every customer there is a sweet spot in pricing that lets you become very profitable but still makes the client feel like they got a great deal. It will take time and research to figure out what that price is.

Start with answering these questions:

What’s Your Time Worth?

Many people think this is a pie in the sky question because of course everyone will come up with a different number. But, it’s a good number to start with. When you consider the lifestyle you desire, how much would you have to earn to live it? If you want to be a millionaire, have you picked the right path?

Who Is Your Client?

Not only do you need to understand what your client can afford, but you need to understand what they’re willing to pay and that all starts by knowing exactly who your client is. You’ll know what they value in life, what they’re willing to do to get what they need, and how they view money.

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