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Facebook A Research Tool 2

Facebook As A Research Tool

How to Research Effectively with Graph Search

Just as others can research you, you can research competitors, business peers, industry influencers and your potential audience – keeping in mind that you too may only be seeing what they choose to share.

Just click in the Search bar to see what categories you can search in.

When you search, do keep in mind that you can enter any keyword or phrase with or without selecting a category – or even just “Take the Tour” again.

Of the categories suggested, “Pages I might Like” can be exceptionally useful – if you have optimized your Profile to your audience and adjusted your privacy settings effectively.

For example, if you have populated your profile with things irrelevant to your business – for example, favorite movies – you will most likely get suggestions for pages with no business worth whatsoever.

These pages will be presented based on:

  • Related personalities, business entities and other things in that same category that you have “Liked”
  • How many of your friends share those exact preferences too.

If, on the other hand, you have optimized your Profile for business, your “Pages I might like” results will be more likely to contain useful suggestions.

Finally, make sure you’ve also optimized Notification settings for your Pages.

(Note:  If your Graph Search suggestions don’t contain a particular category, simply enter the best keyword you can think of.)

You can use Graph Search to:

    • Search keywords for your own or a competitor’s Page
    • Geo-target (using hashtags or keywords) for a local business
    • Find industry influencers and potential followers – using keywords
    • Generally making your Facebook business presence more searchable, if you optimize your profile in a focused manner
  • Useful Links:
  • https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch — If you don’t yet have Graph Search and you are operating from an English-speaking country, click on this link, scroll down the page until you come to “Try Graph Search”. Press the button.

This also works if you are not sure if you have Graph Search yet.  When you mouse-over the “Try Graph Search” button, a pop-over will tell you whether or not it is installed on your account:


Facebook is evolving and changing almost as much as mobile use and technology in general are evolving and changing.

What seems clear is that Facebook is actively doing its best to please both business and personal users – with the edge shifting towards business users (potential advertisers).

Follow Facebook’s official blog, AllFacebook.com, to keep on top of changes in functionality and find new ways to boost your business research.

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